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Virginia Wesley

Virginia 'Jenny' Wesley
Quick Notes
AffiliationsIlluminates of the New Dawn, Seattle University, The OU
Game Rules
Personal Details
DescriptionSee Text
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 6 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.

Purchase Rules

  • Cost -1 if you have or'zet at 3+ ranks (speaking not required)
  • Cost -1 if you are hermetic tradition, +1 if non-logic tradition, additional +1 if black magic
  • Cost +1 if you have a corp SIN of any kind
  • +1 for each of Bad Rep, Uncouth, Wanted
  • +1L if you have 5 ranks of Arcana or increase your ranks to 5 after getting her as a contact


A strong ork woman in a power suit and glasses, Virginia was once nearly kicked out of Seattle U for inciting a riot - until she pointed out to a few people that kicking out the only ork in the Hermetic ThD program protesting over a social justice issue was not going to play well in the press. Still an advocate of goblinized rights, she now works as a highly paid political consultant downtown, promoting candidates with social justice records.

The Iluminates of the New Dawn might seem like a strange fit for a person with a fairly progressive social agenda, but magical talent doesn't discriminate on the basis of goblinization, even if most prestigious magical university programs do. The interior of her small downtown office is adorned with pictures of her meeting various important political personages, as well of pictures of the charity work she - and whatever political candidate she's currently coaching - do in the Ork Underground.

  • Likes: Spell formulae, intelligent conversation, political activism, OU sympathizers, astral rock
  • Dislikes: Metaracial intelligence bias, the Black Lodge, corp brats

Special Rules



  • Arcana
  • Ritual Spellcasting
  • Binding
  • Mentor Spirit [Fire-Bringer]
  • Mentor Spirit [Snake]
  • Knowledge [Or'zet]
  • Knowledge [Political Knowledge Skills]
  • Knowledge [Magical Theory]
  • Knowledge [Magical Groups]

Positive Qualities

  • Focused Concentration 1 & 2
  • Poor Link
  • Analytical Mind
  • First Impression

Negative Qualities

  • Illiterate
  • Uncouth
Be Reasonable

Through her personal connections and influence in the Illuminates of the New Dawn, she has a +4 bonus to acquiring hermetic magical items (Fetishes, Foci, Formula, Lodge Materials). Note she cannot help acquire weapon foci.

Friends in Low Places

For the cost of a low lifestyle (2000) she can provide you with a months access to a safe house in the OU at squatter lifestyle. She's only getting you into the OU and off the streets at that point chummer. For the cost of a medium lifestyle (5000) she can get you a Low quality lifestyle safe house for a month, as the extra cash helps her grease palms.

  • You pay 2000 nuyen, and you have 1 month of a squatter lifestyle in the OU.
  • You pay 5000 nuyen, and you have 1 month of a Low lifestyle in the OU

She will not touch you if you're actively being chased by KE, and trying to call her to do so is an instant -1L.

Who’s Who

Want some information an individual or an organization involved in the Seattle Magical Scene? She probably knows them, or at least their general reputation and associations. If you’re lucky, she might even know who their allies or enemies are. Roll a standard Connection test, (Connection*2) + Loyalty, to get this information.

The High Arts

Jenny can provide and teach you rituals. You may buy ritual spell formulae for her without a roll, and you can learn the ritual in no more than two days through her guidance. This is only for rituals that do not require a metamagic.

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