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Contacts / FatherMercy

Father Mercy

Father Mercy
Quick Notes
ArchetypeStreet Priest
AffiliationsHelping Hands Outreach Program
Game Rules
Personal Details
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 3 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


A fixture in the SINless community of Seattle, Father Mercy - he's never admitted to another name - is a man in the late prime of his life. While certainly a priest of some sort, judging by his kindly tone and grandfatherly attitude, he wears no rosary nor any other religious symbol. Inspired years ago by the SINs for the SINless campaign, yet unsatisfied with the results, Father Mercy runs the Helping Hands Outreach Program to do what he can to improve the lot of the poor and downtrodden of Seattle.

To those who work in the shadows, Father Mercy can offer safe places to lie low, and the rough - but competent - care of the street doc, as well as simple blessings and a steady ear. The shadows have a place for everyone, one way or another.


  • High: Safehouses, Medicine (Street), Area Knowledge (Seattle), Street Rumors
  • Medium: Religion (Nondenominational), Life Advice, SINless Community
  • Low: Cooking, Shadow Community

Contact Powers

Take From The Rich...

When acquiring Father Mercy as a contact, characters may pay additional points (1 Karma or ¥3000) to increase his Loyalty by 1, to a maximum of 3. This represents the character donating either time or money to Helping Hands Outreach.

...And Give To The Poor

A character who acquires Father Mercy as a contact may reduce Notoriety gained from sources other than Qualities by 1. If they don't have any non-quality Notoriety, they may increase their Street Cred by 1.

A Simple Blessing

"Though I know not what trials you face, my child, know that I have faith in your ability to overcome them."

Once per run, as a Low Risk favor payable in chips, the contact can meet with the requesting character in a safe, private location for a brief chat and give them a much-needed word of encouragement. As a result, the character may reroll a single future Composure, Addiction, Drain, Fading, or other sort of mental resistance test which they would normally not be able to reroll, keeping the highest result. This rerolled test must occur during the same run in which this power is used.

Clean Living

This contact's experience helping people though a cold-turkey quit of their favorite addiction happens to also work in the favor of any character who has them as a contact. Through a series of weekly meetings during their Withdrawal period, both the Addiction Threshold in Withdrawal tests and the penalties of failed Withdrawal tests are reduced by 1 for Moderate Addictions, and by 2 for Severe or Burnout Addictions, to a minimum of 1.

Additionally, if the character commits to spending their entire Withdrawal period in the contact's direct care - except for work - the Karma cost of buying off each Addiction being treated is reduced by 2. Character Advancements that have a Karma cost are not available while in the direct care of the contact.


This contact can, for a price no greater than one chip, provide safe haven to an NPC that may not otherwise be able to support themselves - for example, a joygirl rescued from the clutches of the Yakuza.

The price of using this service will vary according to GM discretion, depending on the amount of support the NPC will need, how long they will be staying in the contact's care, and how much benefit the NPC provides to the contact.

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