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Matthew Vannaugh

Matthew Vannaugh
IPAmæθju vɑːnæ
Quick Notes
AffiliationsVannaugh and Meyer Est., District Court, City Hall, Knight Errant
Game Rules
Personal Details
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 3 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Have a problem in your neighbourhood? Big bad corporation dumping chemical waste? Gang messing up your day? Can’t deal with it on your own? Better call Vannaugh and Meyer. Should the problem prove too big for the Law to handle then they will handle the problem by less than legal means. No matter how hard V&M will always get results. That said, they don’t work pro bono. Don’t even ask.

Matthew Vannaugh is a very large, muscular human who seems to deliberately tailor suits to strain just slightly around the biceps and pectorals. He has an outwardly affable personality, but his eyes show a sharp, calculating mind analyzing every word around him. In the courtroom, he has a near-uncanny ability to dominate and fill the space, causing prosecutors to stumble and sweat. Some people say the reason for his success is due to unethical means. That, of course, has never been proven, and is slander, which carries a fine of...

Susan Meyer is a bookish-looking ork who adopts a kind and motherly tone to all of her clients. While she rarely makes an appearance in the courtroom, and is often mistaken for a secretary, make no mistake, she is truly the mastermind behind Vannaugh and Meyer. Where Matthew is commanding, charismatic, and quick witted, Susan has a deeply encyclopedic knowledge of not only UCAS, SSC, CAS, and Tir Tairngire law, but also of the major players in said law. Further, she is a talented decker. If she doesn't know it, she can find it.


  • High: Legal Procedure, City Hall Gossip, Public Relations
  • Medium: Police Procedures, KE Gossip
  • Low: Seattle Gangs, Seattle Syndicates

Contact Powers

Consultation Fee

All calls to Matthew Vannaugh cost a minimum of ¥100.

Bail You Out

If a character gets caught on minor to moderate charges (most things not involving dead people), a lawyer can pull some strings at the courthouse and KE to make the charges disappear. For a price.

  • Minor Crimes such as trespassing, petty theft, unlicensed minor contraband: 1 chip or ¥1,000.
  • Moderate crime such as Assault, Fraud, or Extortion: 2 chips or ¥5,000.
  • Severe crimes such as Manslaughter or Kidnapping: 4 chips or ¥10,000

Even the best lawyer can't save their client from charges for intentional murder, and they have no power on ET grounds.

If a character gets caught again within their next two runs (or leaves identifying evidence during those runs) decrease their lawyer’s Loyalty by one. If this reduces Loyalty to zero, they lose the contact.

Defamation Suit

Heat too high for you? Tabloids posting horrid things about you? For a price, a lawyer can help with your PR problems. For 5,000 Nuyen per point (or 3 chips) they will drop a character's Notoriety or PA by one.

This power recharges when rent is paid, and may not be used again before that.

Player should note on their sheet how many times they use this power.

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