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Kyoko Hayashi

Kyoko Hayashi
Quick Notes
ArchetypeSIN Forger
AffiliationsSeattle Shadow Community, Government Workers, UCAS Art Community
Game Rules
Personal Details
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 5 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Kyoko Hayashi is the name of a Seattle-born Japanese artist who died very publicly in the Bellevue Bombings. The woman before you does bear a slight resemblance to the artist, but carries herself with nothing like the neo-hippie air of the late painter. Sharply dressed, punctual to a T, and never a hair more coy than necessary to disguise the nature of her business. She avoids any attempts to veer a conversation away from business, and is exactly as polite as necessary, giving neither veiled insult nor dramatic compliment. Further, she is extremely realistic about her skills, and will be frank if you ask the impossible, improbable, or excessively risky of her.

That aside, she is a master of her craft, and when she sets out to a task she accomplishes it. If you follow her directions regarding meetings and handoffs, (typically being Absolutely No Guns, Look Nice, and Convincingly Pretend to be Cultured) your patience will be rewarded with consistency uncommon in the shadows.


  • High: SIN and Licenses (Forgery, Identity Protection Plans, Hardware, Software, etc.), High-Class Art
  • Medium: Fashion Scene (Seattle), Fine Dining (Seattle), Politics
  • Low: Fashion (Japanese), Politics (Shadows), Current Events (Shadows)

Contact Powers

I Have Forgotten Your Name

On purchasing Kyoko as a Contact, characters may apply a one-time 25% discount to the cost of buying off one National, Limited Corporate, or Full Corporate SIN.

That Will Look Good On My Wall

Kyoko will fence stolen artwork for 15% above market rate, using her contacts in the UCAS and abroad to get the best price through anonymous Matrix auctions.

Everyone Is Upgrading

SIN Forgers are able to improve the rating of faked SINs and Licenses. Characters who own this contact may make a standard Connection Test at Medium Proficiency against the Availability of the new rating of the fake SIN or License. On success, the fake SIN or License is upgraded to the new rating for the difference in cost.

Just Needs To Look Good

Contacts with this Archetype can provide self-destructing SINs at 10% of the normal cost. Licenses can be attached to these SINs for 10% of their normal cost, as well. SINs, and attached Licenses, issued via use of this power last for a number of days equal to the number of hits on a standard Connection Test at High Proficiency, with a minimum of one day.

Let Me Borrow That For A Moment

SIN Forgers excel at digital impersonation; bring them someone else's SIN, and they can make it so the SIN appears to match a completely different person. The quality of the digital impersonation depends on how much information is provided: A name alone is enough to make an R1 fake, while providing photos can bump the rating to R2. A dossier and biometric data samples can be used for SINs up to and including R5, depending on quality, while kidnapping the person to be posed as and providing actual DNA samples would be good enough for an R6 SIN.

However, these faked SINs are time-limited, lasting a maximum of 18 hours. Each rating level beyond 1 reduces the lifespan of the SIN by 1 hour, and each time the SIN is scanned, its lifespan also decreases by one hour. GMs may, at their discretion, allow or deny the creation of additional fake SINs using the same original after the first fake expires.

This power only provides the credentials necessary for a convincing impersonation - the actual act of impersonation is up to the runner doing it.

SINs created by use of this power cost 20% of their normal market rate.

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