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Sepia Cross

Sepia Cross
Quick Notes
OccupationPrivate Detective
AffiliationsTruth, Justice, The Downtrodden
Game Rules
Personal Details
DescriptionSee Text
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 5 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Rain. It rains without mercy here, unstoppable. Each drop like a tear shed by the souls lost in this city. Most of the straights wouldn’t think of them as people. Without a SIN, you aren’t a person, not to their civilized eyes... You’re an animal. Something without a history. Without a story. And you’re in their way. But each one of us has a story, and each story will cause tears. Tears that fall like rain. A relentless and merciless rain.

  • Likes: Alcohol (no rocks), hand rolled cigarettes, silver cigarette cases, solving mysteries, bringing justice, dimly lit offices, dames, hats
  • Dislikes: Crime, authority, being told to let this go, corruption of power

Special Rules



  • Perception
  • Security, area, and shadow oriented knowledge skills.

Positive Qualities

  • Perceptive
  • Perceptive Defender
  • Home Ground [Street Politics]
  • Home Ground [You Know a Guy]
  • Home Ground [On the Lam]
  • Hawk Eye
Shades of Grey

This city is a beast, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re in its belly or riding high atop it, straddling its back like so many blurred moral lines. Either way, we’re all just along for the ride. As for what you do with your time along the way? Well, that’s up to you.

When attempting to contact one of Cross’s contacts, roll a connection test. An even number of hits results in a “good guy” an odd number in a “bad guy”. This roll should be done privately so the players aren’t aware before hand on if it is a good guy or bad guy. GMs should feel free to add twists to these interactions. A junkie with a heart of gold, the nurse who steals from patients, or the bartender who doesn’t stop when you’ve had enough; that kind of thing.

Example "Good Guy" Archetypes:

  • Local Shop Owner
  • Law Abiding Citizen
  • Good Cop
  • Nurse
  • Public Defender
  • Bartender

Example "Bad Guy" Archetypes:

  • Local Ganger
  • Drug Dealer
  • Junkie
  • Fence
  • Crooked Cop
  • Club Owner
Man of the Streets

These areas have their own soldiers. Some fight for good, others fight for themselves. They all fight, a never ending battle. Each district its own little warzone. I can introduce you to the soldiers. Men, women, children. They all fight in their own way.

Cross knows people everywhere. All beats are his beats. Roll his connection test; the more hits, the closer to the source he knows a person.

They Are Always Too Slow

Protectors, not in these dark days. A long time ago there was a two for one sale on integrity. Everything must go. A human cleanup crew that carries a badge. Not always a badge supported by law, sometimes just supported the power of individuals. Those that claim protection for an area always do so after the moments when they are needed, never before, never in time.

Cross knows the response time (min-max) of a Seattle area's “authorities”, be it actual law enforcement, gangs, organized crime, or something else.

To find out what happens if player characters were to alert the local authorities with their presence, make a connection test.

  • 3 hits will tell them the exact time on the response time
  • 2 hits will give you within a minute
  • 1 hit will give you “low or high” out of their realm
  • As always, GM interpretation is king
Just the Facts

People aren’t the only ones with stories to tell. Places, things, times all have their own way of speaking. This language is complex and varied for each storyteller. You will need a different vocabulary for each narrator.

Cross can investigate evidence brought to him; he has access to the tools and facilities for detailed analysis. This will take at least a few hours.

At GM discretion, Cross himself could come to the scene. This should never be as part of a combat scenario. If it is, he will quickly escape and players involved will have to face ramifications of endangering him, possibly including loss of the contact entirely.

A connection test can be done to quickly analyze something remotely. This test has a threshold of 3 before in-depth information can be given from Cross. Each bonus only counts once.

These things will grant additional +1 die to this test:

  • Time, with a few hours to pour over the data you give him
  • Simrig
  • Cybereyes (1 per every 2 points of rating)

If applicable to the type of relevant data, or GM discretion:

  • Cyberears (1 per every 2 points of rating)
  • Cybernose (1 per every 2 points of rating)

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