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Quick Notes
OccupationFree Sprite
AffiliationsResonance, the Matrix
Game Rules
Personal Details
DescriptionSee Text
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 8 points; Each point is payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point.

Purchase Rules

Closer to the Source
  • If you have submerged, reduce his cost by 1.


It's hard to explain sprites to non technomancers, or specialized deckers. A sprite that isn’t attached to a technomancer is even more of a curiosity. Two is somehow linked to a resonance well. It isn’t sure how it got there, only that it is. Unable to escape the well’s pull for more than a short while. Two is always looking to learn things.

  • Likes: 1s and 0s, mathematical certainty
  • Dislikes: Dissonance

Special Rules



  • Compiling
  • Decompiling
  • Registering
  • Software
New Ways of Thought

(req Loyalty 1 or higher)

You may purchase any complex form you don’t have at normal cost in 2 days time.

Drawing from the Well

(req Loyalty 1 or higher)

Raising your resonance attribute takes half the normal time. Add any days you put this contact on "Powered Down" to the end of that half.

Old News is Good News

(req Loyalty 1 or higher)

There are those who say anything that is ever entered into the matrix never truly gets deleted. You may make a connection test to try and access “deleted” information. This cost 1 Loyalty. This is the only Matrix legwork this contact can preform.

Got Your Back

(req Loyalty 2 or higher)

  • If you are a technomancer, you can have Two do either of the following 2 abilities:
    • Suppression
    • Gremlins
    • Cookie
  • Two has a dice pool of 12 for assisting a threading, which is rolled as a normal teamwork roll. Not the sprite bonus dice for assist threading.
    • This must be declared before you roll your own threading action.
  • Two is counted as a Level 6 sprite for the use of these powers.
  • Each use of Got Your Back costs 1 Loyalty.
  • This ability does not inflict a Powered Down status.
Covering Your Tracks

(req Loyalty 2 or higher)

The next [Loyalty] Matrix actions that your character makes do not cause you to gain Overwatch. You will still get an Overwatch of 0 if this is the first action, so your Overwatch over time will continue to go up.

  • Use of this ability reduces this contact's Loyalty by 1.
  • You may invoke this power more than once before Powering Down
  • Two powers down for a number of days equal to the number of actions taken.
Clarion Call

(req Loyalty 3 or higher)

This power reduces noise penalties to 0 until you reboot your deck. You are counted as being on all grids at once. This does not include noise generated from smoke and mirrors. Upon use of this power, reduce Two's Loyalty by 1. Two powers down for days equal to the total penalty this power prevents.

Example penalties this power can prevent:

  • Noise
  • Public Grid
  • Jamming
Pulling the Plug

(req Loyalty 4)

Able to cause glitches of a massive scale, Two can perform minor Matrix miracles. GM has final say on what is possible, and a connection test can be used to determine effectiveness. This power costs 4 Loyalty. Two goes into a Powered Down state for 28 days for everyone on the team upon use of this action.

Examples of things Two "could" do:

  • Kill power to a small area(connection test determines time down)
  • Corrupt recent data from a single building(connection test can determine completeness)
  • Arrange to have grid guide corrupted in your favor(connection test can determine effectiveness/duration
  • Jam a small area(connection test can determine strength/duration)
  • Distribute data on a large scale
  • Other uses are open to discussion, and GM as always has final say
Power Up

After using one of Two’s powers that lowers his Loyalty, it will recharge over time. On the first of the month refill his loyalty to 4.

Power Down

Two stays powered down for a number of days equal to the notation on the power used. You may speed up this process by spending 1 karma for 1 day faster on recharge. Any player on the team may contribute to recharging.

Power Fluctuations

If multiple players have Two in different states, Two is in the state that the most players have him. If tied, Two is powered up.

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