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Quick Notes
OccupationFree Sprite
AffiliationsResonance, the Matrix
Game Rules
Personal Details
RaceFrees Sprite
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 5 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


It's hard to explain sprites to non-technomancers, or specialized deckers. A sprite that isn’t attached to a technomancer is even more of a curiosity. Two is somehow linked to a Resonance Well. It isn’t sure how it got there, only that it is. Unable to escape the Well’s pull for more than a short while, Two is always looking to learn and experience new things.

Two will not do favors for runners who owe him chips.


  • High: Matrix Theory, Matrix Threats
  • Medium: Foundation Theory, Resonance Theory, Football (American)
  • Low: Host Design, Matrix Games, Trivia

Contact Powers

Clarion Call

For 2 chips, Noise penalties applied to the paying character are reduced to 0 until their device or Living Persona is rebooted, and they are counted as being present on all grids simultaneously. Noise generated by Smoke and Mirrors is not affected, and this power does not create Matrix signal where there is none, such as inside a Faraday Cage.

Covering Your Tracks

For 1 chip, the next Loyalty Matrix actions taken by the paying character will not cause Overwatch score to increase due to the actions. Characters still have an Overwatch score, which starts at 0 and continues to increase over time.

Got Your Back

For 1 chip, Two may use any of the following Sprite powers as if he were a bound Level 6 Generalist Sprite:

  • Assist (Threading) - Must be declared prior to any Threading rolls.
  • Cookie
  • Gremlins
  • Suppression

Old News Is Good News

"Nothing placed into the Matrix is ever truly deleted."

Two can try to find "deleted" information anywhere on the Matrix, represented by rolling a Connection Test. For 1 chip, Two can locate the information and relay that location - which host, commlink, etc. If Two is asked to retrieve the information, this costs another chip, plus a third if the Rating of the host/commlink/etc. is higher than his Connection + Loyalty

Pulling The Plug

Two can perform minor Matrix miracles for a cost of 4 chips per use. Miracles include, but are not limited to:

  • Kill power to a small area for a number of minutes equal to 5 times the number of hits on a Medium Proficiency Test.
  • Corrupt recent sensor data from a single building, with the level of scrambling equal to the number of hits on a Medium Proficiency Test.
  • Arrange to temporarily alter GridGuide in the paying character's favor
  • Jam a small area for a number of minutes equal to 5 times the number of hits on a Medium Proficiency Test and with a Noise rating equal to the number of hits on a High Proficiency Test.
  • Distrubute data on a large scale

Other uses depend on GM discretion.

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