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Christian Clarkson Smith

Christan Clarkson Smith
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StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 3 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Nobody is quite sure who he is or where he came from, but in the chaos of Crash 2.0, a man named Christan Clarkson Smith opened up a quaint shoe repair shop in Downtown Seattle.

What those in the shadows are sure of is that he is not who he says he is. The kindly old man has an encyclopedic knowledge of bioware, genetic enhancements and plastic surgery. Some believe he's former Universal Omnitech, others reckon he's ex-Shiawase.

Who he was doesn't matter anymore, and that is exactly the same service he provides those in the know. In the basement of his unassuming shop is all the technology one would need to tweak someone's appearance, voice, sex or even genetic code.

He offers these services to those in need of disappearing, and in many cases, will not take a cent for it. His clients pay his price back in favors, something that gives him much more than mere nuyen alone.


  • High: Genetech, Biotech, State of the Art [Knowledge], Biotech Corps [Knowledge]
  • Medium: Safehouses, Headhunters [Knowledge], Bounty Hunters [Knowledge], Shoes [Knowledge], Fake SINS, SIN Forgery
  • Low: Syndicates

Contact Powers

A New Face

As a Rating 3 Favor, this contact can offer their biosculpting abilities to turn the requester, or one of their friends, into someone else. They have, for all intents and purposes, been physically transformed into a new person.

This service offers any combination of the Ethnicity/Sex Change, Metatype Modification, or Minor Biosculpting bioware.

The duration and recovery time of the surgery depends on how severe the modifications are. One surgery can be done in 3 days, two in a week, or all three in a month.

NOTE: This process is permanent. If the character undergoing surgery wants to be changed back, they must go back under the knife.

Better Off Dead

As a Rating 5 Favor, this contact can provide the requester with an entirely new identity. The process consumes one month of downtime. If the requester chooses to owe this contact, they may not spend chips on (or otherwise improve) other contacts until their debt to this contact is paid off. Failure to follow this rule will result in the requester's new identity being leaked to their enemies.

The character making use of this Archetype power is granted Severe Biosculpting, Print Removal geneware, and Reprint geneware at no cost. They may also elect to take either or both the Ethnicity Change and Sex Change biosculpts. Additionally, they must choose a new runner handle and their Street Cred is halved, while both Notoriety and Public Awareness are set to 0. Any qualities that would increase Notoriety or Public Awareness then take effect. Almost any group which might seek the character's old identity cannot find them. Those which might still be able to find them are significantly slowed. Lastly, the character must choose a SIN to sacrifice - this SIN becomes R1, as it no longer matches ther new face, but the character also gains, at no cost, a new SIN of a rating equivalent to the former rating of the sacrificed SIN.

Dependents and other backstory relationships may be kept if the character spends one additional chip each to give them a similar treatment. Otherwise they are lost, as it is assumed the character's enemies are watching them and they may no longer safely be interacted with.

For three active months after gaining the new identity, calling up an underworld Contact results in them making a Loyalty + Loyalty (3) test. For each hit below the threshold, the Contact in question must be paid or owed a chip, else they will refuse to assist the character for the remainder of the run. Aboveboard Contacts make a Connection + Loyalty (3) test instead, with the same stakes. The threshold goes down by 1 each month that the character goes on a Runnerhub job or a solo run, and the test need not be made when the threshold is reduced to 0.

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