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Margaret Pye

Margaret Pye
Quick Notes
Game Rules
Personal Details
Description40cm tall with wings
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 0 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.

Purchase Rules

Caught in the Act!

This contact costs 0 points. However, when you pick it up you must take the Dependents [Magpie] quality at level one. This represents Margaret taking little things from your living style that you have to replace. Please make a slightly longer than "short" description of how and what you caught her in the act of stealing when you pickup this contact.

Out in the Wild

This contact cannot be taken at character creation, but can be taken immediately after approval.


Margaret is only seen when she wants to be seen. Its amazing how many people never look up, nor down. Being a mere 16”(40cm) tall with wings will do that to you. As a pixie Margaret has a curiosity for things we tend to take for granted. Often picking up things for no reason other than it looking neat. Often putting them back down somewhere else and forgetting about them.

  • Likes: Trinkets, baubles, shiny things
  • Dislikes: Cages, loud people

Special Rules



  • Stealth
  • Palming
  • Locksmith

Positive Qualities

  • Jury Rigger
  • Catlike
Whoops, Dropped It

Magpie has a habit of dropping off incidental items. As such you can purchase the following items without rolling:

  • Autopicker (r1-6)
  • Cellular Glove Molder
  • Keycard Copier (r1-6)
  • Lockpick Set
  • Maglock Passkey (r1-4)
  • Miniwelder
  • Miniwelder Fuel
  • Sequencer (r1-6)
They Didn’t Have Anything Good

Magpie has snuck into a lot of places. Chances are they have infiltrated that location before. Make a standard connection test, (Connection*2)+Loyalty, to gauge how recent that infiltration was. The GM will then provide some details about their physical/astral security.

GM Note: These details should be delivered from the perspective of a person who is 16” tall and uneducated. Rotodrones are big flying machines, fly spys would be metal insects, etc.

Where Did This Come From?

Once per run, a player with this contact may “find” an item on them that they didn't’ realize they had. This item must follow the following rules:

  • A piece of gear.
  • 500 (total) nuyen or less which you still deduct money for
  • Not a toolkit
  • Not ammo/armor
  • Not a weapon

Several other hub contacts will have interactions with this power:

Moving On Up

If you ever wish to remove this contact, you may do so only when changing lifestyles. To do so, you must buy off the associated dependents quality.

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