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Jack Armor
Quick Notes
Affiliationsthe Armored Jacket, the Seattle dwarven community
Game Rules
Personal Details
DescriptionSee Text
StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 6 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.

Purchase Rules

  • Cost reduced by 1 if you're a Dwarf
  • Cost reduced by 1 if you have the Armorer or Artisan Skill of 3 or higher (only one applies), if you train Armorer or Artisan to 7 or higher with him +1 L


Jack has a few constants in his life: grime, a toolbelt, his favorite armored jacket, and a beard that seems to defy physics, which hides a shiny partial metal jaw. Back in the 50s, Jack was counted among one of the novahot riggers, but with Crash 2.0 he took the opportunity and left the shadows. Now, he is just Jack, and his past a secret.

Jack's a dwarf, proud about it, and to quote him, "dayum good at me job". His shop, The Armored Jacket, seems small at first, full with racks of armored clothes and jackets in all colors and sizes, but Jack is savvy and hides the good stuff in his back room(s). But even his back room(s) have back room(s), so you’re never seeing the REAL good stuff.

  • Likes: Dwarfs, armoured jackets, a good grown and groomed beard
  • Dislikes: high fashion clothes, unarmored clothes (yer beggin to get shot laddie), Armand, Soyweiser (who drinks this piss!)

Special Rules



  • Armorer (Spec: Armour Mods)
  • Artisan (Spec: Leatherworking)
  • Grooming (Spec: beards) (Knowledge) [Interest]
  • Security Armor (Knowledge) [Professional]
  • Firearms (Knowledge) [Professional]
  • Ballistics (Knowledge) [Professional]
'Course I Got That

Jack can acquire legal armor without a roll and has +4 dice to acquire restricted armor, no bonus dice for F-rated armor. He won't roll for high fashion armor (such as Sleeping Tiger, Mortimer of London, etc). There is one exception to this: he will roll for the Ares Victory Line.

Preferred Customer

+1 Loyalty after your first purchase, totalling of 5000 Nuyen or more, mods included

'Custom Job, I Get Ye

Jack can modify your armor for you. For a flat fee of 10% of the armors base price (read: the price written in the book). He has access to all legal and restricted armor mods (no rolls required), as well as "some" F-rated mods (You need to roll for those).

Every Dwarf Loves a Pint and a Tale

Jack is well-connected with the dwarven community. Runners who want access to this information need only share a pint of the good stuff, and listen. Jack has a +2 bonus on matters relating to dwarves in Seattle, as he knows many of them.

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