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StatusActive and Operational

Cost: 2 points; Each point is payable in ¥3000 or 1 Karma per point.


Inque is a small time girl trying to make it big in the mean streets of Seattle, armed only with a recently earned degree in journalism and a small team of other journos: Frank (the Sound Guy), and Lenard (the cameraman). Most of their equipment is secondhand; they roam the city trying to find hard-hitting stories the big media conglomerates ignore. Unfortunately, their current employment with a checkstand tabloid means the stories they do find get muddled with the sensationalism and poor editing of such yellow rags.

Inque and her team aren't discouraged, though - they're still looking for that one big break which will get them out of tabloid hell and into the real news. Even the weirdest stories have a grain of truth to them - who knows what secrets have been uncovered that nobody believes?


  • High: Gathering Information, Press Event Access
  • Medium: Gear Acquisition (Recording/Reporting Equipment)
  • Low: Non-Press Event Access

Contact Powers

Backstage Pass

For 2 chips, a Journalist can smuggle one person around disguised as a member of their crew, though only to places where a member of the press could reasonably be found. That person can bring with them one concealable weapon (pistols, SMGs, shortened shotgun, shock gloves, etc.) and some small electronics.

They will insist that the person posing as part of their crew doesn't carry the weapon on their person, and that they dress the part so as not to give away the ruse. That said, there is no obligation to defend anyone if a fight breaks out.

If a player draws legal attention to their contact, they will lose loyalty, or lose the contact altogether. It takes a lot of resources to bail a Journalist out of jail.

Eye in the Sky

Journalists have several methods of gathering information via surveillance. They can be asked to assist in scoping out a target, typically via remote-controlled FlySpies not slaved to an RCC. These drones are given a predetermined flight path through a location, with instructions to record specific targets of interest, and subsequently land at a dead drop to deliver the information. This security protocol helps to protect the journalist, but does delay the delivery somewhat.

If there is a high risk of losing drones, the player may be asked to pay a chip.


A Journalist's appetite for information means they have a loose interpretation of what counts as paydata. They'll purchase news-oriented information, like video of a city official entering a place he has no business being, as though it were valuable paydata.

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