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Quality Rules

Qualities are one of the main tools in adding flavor to a character, which makes them more fun to play. Qualities below have been clarified, changed, or banned for use when making characters for Runnerhub.

General Rules

Negative qualities must have an actual negative effect on your character. Attempts to work around this and have no real negative impact are not allowed. Negative qualities may be bought off whenever the conditions to do so are met. See the Negative Qualities section for rulings on buying off specific qualities.

Characters may take one new Positive quality per month without an associated contact or solo run, but must meet any stated or implied prerequisites in the text. Doing so costs no downtime, but should be marked in the appropriate Rent thread posts. Qualities purchased through contacts do not count towards this monthly limit, but do still require their karma costs to be paid. GMs may also waive the restrictions on picking up a quality if the character's actions justify it during a run (e.g. proving themselves to be a reliable member of a syndicate may allow them to pick up Made Man, a successful infiltration may justify Catlike, etc.). Qualities with multiple ranks (such as High Pain Tolerance or Focused Concentration) must be bought one rank at a time.

Characters may not take the same positive or negative quality multiple times unless the quality has specific provisions for being taken repeatedly.

Metagenetic Qualities


Metagenetic qualities can only be taken during character creation by characters with the SURGE quality. They are not regular qualities, but a fundamental part of that character. Therefore, it's not possible to buy new positive metagenetic qualities or buy off negative ones in play, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the quality's description. The only exception to this are extraordinary events that cause a non-SURGE character to SURGE in play. Such changes should always be discussed with TD first.


GMs may decide to not apply a character's social penalties from metagenetic qualities (Freaks, p.123, Run Faster) in certain situations (e.g. when their abnormal looks would be beneficial in intimidating somebody). However, this should be the exception rather than the norm.

Specific Metagenetic Qualities

See the Changelings section in the Chargen rules.

Way of the Samurai Qualities

General Rules

All Way of the Samurai qualities cost 10 karma at character creation. A character must have an Essence score less than three due to augmentation (instead of loss from other sources, such as the Essence Drain power) to qualify for them. Characters may take as many of these qualities as they qualify for, but each quality may be taken only a single time.

Quality Introduction Discount

There will be a one month period, starting from this announcement, where preexisting characters may purchase these qualities at the character creation price of 10 karma, instead of doubling the cost as normal for characters in play. You may exceed the usual "one quality per month" limit when purchasing these qualities.

  • Prerequisites

Charisma + Intuition must total 7 or higher. Perception and Pistol skills must each have at least 5 ranks.

  • Rules

Characters with this Quality apply a +2 dice pool modifier to Perception checks, and choose one of the following: Ready Weapon as a Free Action or Take Aim as a Free Action.

  • Prerequisites

Must have at least four skill group ranks, total, between the following Skill Groups: Athletics, Close Combat, Firearms, Outdoors.

  • Rules

Choose one contact and one type of merchandise from Weapons, Armor, or Vehicles. Characters with this Quality receive a ten percent discount when buying the appropriate merchandise from that contact, and receive a +3 dice pool modifier when negotiating to sell/fence those goods to that contact. This benefit of the quality is lost if the contact is lost. In addition, characters with this Quality suffer only a –1 penalty on Ranged Combat for Attacker Running, and increase by 1 to any bonus they received on Ranged Defense tests for cover (ex. Partial Cover provides a +3, Good Cover provides a +5).

  • Prerequisites

Must have any two of the following implants: cybereyes, cybergun, melee cyberweapon, other cyberweapon, or full obvious cyberlimb. Only one item from each category counts towards these requirements.

  • Rules

Characters with this Quality may add +2 dice to Intimidation checks or +1 DV with cyberimplanted melee weapons (choose one). In addition, treat the rating of any Street Knowledge skills the character possesses as one higher (to a maximum of Rating 12).

  • Prerequisites

Must have a modified Body score (for damage soaking purposes) of 5 or higher. Must have any two of the following implants: Dermal Plating, Orthoskin, Bone Density Augmentation, Bone Lacing, Smartskin, or one full Cyberlimb with Armor.

  • Rules

Characters with this Quality receive a +2 dice pool modifier to resist fear and intimidation, including magically induced fear from spells or critter powers, or they may substitute their Body attribute for Charisma when calculating their Intimidation dice pool (choose one). In addition, they may ignore two boxes of damage when calculating wound modifiers (which cannot be combined with the Pain Resistance adept power, pain editor bioware, damage compensator bioware, or other sources of High Pain Tolerance), or they receive a +1 dice pool modifier to Body when making Damage Resistance tests (choose one).

  • Prerequisites

Must maintain Street Cred equal to or greater than Notoriety. Willpower + Intuition must total at least 8.

  • Rules

Characters with this Quality reduce the Essence Cost of bioware or cyberware implants (choose one) by ten percent. This discount does not apply to geneware, and the character may not also discount that type of implant with Biocompatibility. In addition, they may choose one of the following: +1 DV with Blades; or, when they have a blade readied and are not surprised, +2 to Defense tests against Ranged Combat, Melee Combat, and Indirect spells. If a Ronin’s Notoriety ever overtakes his Street Cred, they maintain their Essence discount but lose the DV or Defense bonus.

  • Prerequisites

Must have any two of the following implants: Smartlink, Vision Magnification, Reflex Recorder (Longarms), Reflex Recorder (Sneaking), Targeting Laser, or Attention Coprocessor.

  • Rules

Characters with this Quality do not halve their Willpower when calculating how many Take Aim actions they may perform with a ranged weapon. This Quality also grants a +1 bonus to the Sneaking skill.

Street Ninja
  • Prerequisites

Must have at least 6 ranks in Sneaking. The character must have two of the following implants: Cybereyes, cyber melee weapon, enhanced articulation, synthacardium.

  • Rules

When attacking an opponent with a melee or throwing Weapons attack, characters with this Quality may divide any Called Shot penalties in half. This does not stack with Strive For Perfection. In addition, they gain +1 die on Surprise Tests when initiating an attack and +1 die on Sneaking Tests.

Positive Qualities


Characters receive a +2 modifier on Con tests when they have plausible evidence (per the Social Modifiers Table, p. 140, SR5).

Astral Bouncer

The additional information may be selected from the following list:

  • All assensable Positive Qualities (as determined by the GM)
  • All assensable Negative Qualities (as determined by the GM)
  • Physical Attribute Ratings
  • Mental Attribute Ratings
  • Initiate Grade
  • An Initiate Power
  • An Adept Power
Battle Hardened

This quality gives its bonus to Composure Tests that occur immediately prior to or during active combat. At GM discretion, the bonus may be applied to Composure Tests in other hostile situations.

Better on the Net

Only available to technomancers.


Characters may purchase Biocompatibility post gen using normal quality purchase rules. It instantly applies to all installed 'ware, granting an appropriately sized essence hole.

Black Market Pipeline

This applies at chargen, but only to items within a given category. For example, with the category of Vehicles, vehicle mods would not count; with the category of Electronics, modifications for glasses or cameras would count.

Players may purchase Black Market Pipeline for their characters after character creation like other qualities. Doing so is subject to Thematics Division review to ensure that the contact lines up with the chosen category of the quality.

Purchases applied to a pre-existing contact should be mentioned in the monthly Rent Thread, along with a link to the sheet in question and the contact’s name, to be signed off on by a member of Thematics Division. Purchases applied to a new contact may be attached to that contact’s entry in the Contact Purchase thread.

Brilliant Heuristics

Only available to technomancers.

Candle in the Dark

Only the 15 karma Codes of Honor count for this quality. Loyalty gained from this quality is capped at 6. Contacts whose loyalty is reduced to 0 are lost. If the associated Code of Honor is broken and the option to correct the break in a run, a solo must be completed to earn forgiveness.

Choson Follower

Chosen Follower may improve a magical active skill you have some number of ranks in to 3 or and Academic knowledge skill relating to magic which you have ranks in to 4.

Corporate Loyalist

Only available to characters with the Limited or Corporate SINner Negative Quality.

Dark Ally

GMs may decline to allow any spirits bound with Dark Ally from use on a run, at their discretion.

Dealer Connection

This applies at chargen, but only to the base costs of the vehicles/drones a character purchases, not any modifications or accessories

Dual-Natured Defender

Toggling Astral Perception with this quality is a simple action as normal.

Elemental Focus/Master

For these powers, Air corresponds to the Electricity damage type, Water to Cold, Earth to Acid, and Fire to ... Fire.


Limited to the Local and National fame levels for regular characters. Megacorporate and Global fame are available to Special Characters.

Focused Awakened (Seer)

This quality requires that the character be able to use Astral Perception. Adepts, both Physical and Mystical, must have the Astral Perception power to take this quality.

Fractal Punch

Allowed for all character types.

Gifted Healer

This quality provides a simple +1 dice pool bonus to all First Aid tests.

Hold the Door

Allowed for all character types.

Home Ground

The selected benefit applies to an entire district of Seattle (Renton, Bellevue, Snohomish, etc.)

When using the Digital Turf option, players cannot own a Host, but do have full legal access at either the user or sysop level to the Host with all the applicable boons and considerations. The Host in question is considered to be an R1 Data Hosts with stats decided by the player at time of purchase.


Note that you need to have visual sight on the target in the physical world to get the bonus.

Lightning Reflexes

The initiative die granted by Lightning Reflexes stacks with one piece of cyberware, bioware, or geneware, or one adept power. It does not stack with any other forms of magic, technomancer powers, drugs, or any other source of initiative dice. This applies only to physical initiative, not astral or matrix (including foundations).

Lone Wolf

Allowed for all character types.

Made Man

The free crime syndicate group contact has a Connection rating of 4 and a Loyalty of 3. For mechanical purposes, treat the group contact the same as an individual contact. See also the notes on group contacts.

Approved Organizations for Made Man are any branch of the following groups:

  • Ancients
  • Cutters
  • Laesa
  • Mafia
  • Seoulpa Rings
  • Tamanous
  • Triads
  • Vory
  • Yakuza
  • Zobop

Note that no quality is required to be a low-level member in any gang. It may simply be indicated on a character's sheet.

Made Men have an effective +1 line on the NPC Attitude Table in Cutting Aces. They must take care to keep their Rep above -9, or they lose the benefits of this quality, and may experience other in-character issues as well.

(Massive) Networker

Do not stack with each other in any way, shape, or form. The price reduction from this quality does not apply to Runnerhub contacts purchased post-gen.

Master Debater

This quality allows the character to substitute Logic for Charisma in their Negotiation rolls.

Mystic Foreman

Industrial Engineering is a Knowledge skill (Industrial Mechanic the active skill can be used in place of this knowledge skill) and Chemistry is an Active skill.

Natural Hacker

Only available to technomancers.

Null Wizard

Add Summoning to the list of skills that are not usable.

One with the Matrix

Only available to technomancers.

Otaku to Technomancer

This quality can only be taken at Character Creation (Chargen) and characters which possess it must either have a datajack or an Essence Hole of at least 0.1

Pacifist Adept

This quality may only be taken at rank 1.

Perfect Time

The second benefit of this quality only provides an additional Free Action during each of the character's own Action Phases.

Practice, Practice, Practice

This quality only applies to the the Physical, Social, or Mental limits of a skill. Any Hub contacts with the Aptitude quality can provide this quality for any of their associated skills.

Prime Datahaven Membership

The benefits of this quality only apply to acquiring data, not gear. Use of the membership does not automatically grants access to the data sought, rather, it is using one’s membership to perform legwork. Treat the Datahaven as an individual contact – see the notes on group contacts.

Any canon Datahavens (such as the ones listed in the quality's text, or the Usenet Groups from Street Grimoire) are valid options for this quality.

Privileged Family Name

“Home sprawl” is defined as a single district of Seattle (Renton, Bellevue, Downtown, Tacoma, etc).

Prototype Materials

This quality is only available as a run reward, and may not be taken at chargen or purchased in play. When given as a run reward, this quality is the equivalent of 5 GMP.

Prototype Transhuman

This quality is only available at chargen, and characters with it count as Special Characters, with all of the restrictions listed in that section applying. The bioware chosen as a benefit of the quality cannot be Used, and can neither be removed nor upgraded. Assensing performed on the character should treat the implants as if they are Deltaware.

The following negatives are also available for use with PTT:

  • Allergy (Uncommon, Moderate)
  • Blighted (12 Months)
  • Blind
  • Deaf
  • Dimmer Bulb II
  • Illness II
  • Incomplete Deprogramming
  • Low Pain Tolerance
  • Paraplegic
  • Phobia (Common, Moderate)
  • Poor Self Control (Combat Monster)
  • Poor Self Control (Compulsive III, Public Broad Aspect)
  • Poor Self Control (Compulsive IV, Personal)
  • Reduce Sense (Touch)
  • Weak Immune System

The Strength and Agility bonuses apply to all of the character’s cyberlimbs, without affecting their meat stats. Keep in mind that the augmented attribute maximum also applies!

Restricted Gear

This quality requires explicit CCD approval and may be denied without further comment. In general, it is more likely to be approved when used for flavorful gear that ties well into a character's background, whereas attempts to simply use it to maximize a character's power are very likely to be denied.


As a reminder, Technomancers cannot take this quality, but it is available to all other character types


Only contacts that are used with this quality have access to the Sensei Archetype Power. This quality is not required in order to purchase Runnerhub contacts which have the Sensei Archetype.


This quality applies both its benefit and drawback to melee attacks.

Special Modifications

Elemental weaponry cannot be changed to Acid, Radiation, or Pollution damage types. Weapons which do not intrinsically possess an elemtental damage type cannot have one applied as an effect of this quality.

The Damage, AP, Concealability, and Reach stats on any weapon may be modified. Reach only affects Melee attacks, such as strikes with the butt of a rifle, when applied to Ranged weapons. Modifying Concealability or Reach does not alter the actual size of a weapon.

Recoil Compensation may only be applied to Ranged weapons.

Ammo capacity may only be modified on Ranged weapons, or on Melee weapons with a battery capacity.

Characters may change the weapon the quality is applied to, the bonus(es) the quality provides, or both simultaneously, once per month. All bonuses must be applied to the same weapon after any changes. This change costs no karma, but counts as the character’s monthly quality, and may only be performed in downtime.

Bonuses from this quality apply to any configuration of a single weapon which has multiple options (such as the HK XM30 or Collapsible Spear). Secondary attack modes (such as the Lemat 2072's shotgun barrel, or use as an improvised weapon) and underbarrel weapons are treated as separate weapons and do not receive any benefits.

Spirit Hunter

Innate powers that cannot be deactivated do not go away (sapience, energy aura, astral form, etc..), but actively used powers are disabled (accident, confusion, elemental attack, etc.)

Sprite Affinity

Only available to technomancers.

Stalwart Ally

"A Long Time" is counted as 6 months.

Strive For Perfection

The character must make called shots, unless using some other form of special attack such as Suppressing Fire, multiple attacks, or Nerve Strike. They may use any weapon, including unarmed attacks, with the advantage that it halves the penalty for any called shot. When combined with other ways to reduce the called shot penalty, apply this quality’s effects after the other reductions are applied.

Team Player

Allowed for all character types.

Trust Fund

This quality may only be taken at Gen or as a run reward from a GM. The character must have the National, Limited Corporate, or Corporate SINner Quality as a prerequisite; losing the SIN removes this quality.

Advanced lifestyles may be used with this quality, but any extra nuyen expenses incurred in modifying the lifestyle still come out of the character's pockets. And decreases the the cost of a lifestyle does not increase the amount of nuyen gained from this quality.

The additional nuyen offered through this quality must be noted through the monthly rent thread by using the u/rollme bot to roll the dice. Months in which the character would not pay rent are not eligible for nuyen rolls.

Trust Data not Lore

Allowed for all character types.

Trust Lore not Data

Allowed for all character types.

Unique Avatar

Allowed for all character types.

Banned Positive Qualities

  • Barehanded Adept (from Forbidden Arcana)
  • Better to be Feared than Loved (from Chrome Flesh).
  • Community Connection (from The Complete Trog).
  • Erased (from Run Faster).
  • Friends in High Places (from Run Faster).
  • Groveler (from Kill Code).
  • Revels in Murder (from Chrome Flesh).

Negative Qualities

A player may buy off any one Negative Quality per month by paying the appropriate karma value. Negative Qualities revolving around personal choice, like Distinctive Style and Signature, can be bought off without needing to satisfy any additional requirements, signifying the character has changed their mind.

Some negative qualities have additional requirements that a character must also satisfy before paying them off, such as:

  • Connection to a contact of the appropriate archetype
  • An astral quest or similar, in the case of magical negatives like Spirit Bane or Spirit Pariah
  • Gene therapy to remove allergies and other genetic defects. Note that SURGE qualities require explicit TD approval to remove with gene- or other therapy
  • Having >7 Street Cred and 0 Notoriety to buy off social negatives, such as Bad Rep and Liar.
    • In the specific case of Bad Rep, the character must have >7 Street Cred AFTER buying off the 3 Notoriety provided by the quality.
  • Records on File can only be bought off through a run or solo run involving data sabotage
  • Removing Wanted requires in game action explicitly approved by TD ahead of time.

Addictions must be to a statted, 'Hub-legal drug, with an addiction rating. Alcohol does not have any addiction rating on Runnerhub, so it is not a legal choice for Addiction. Addictions to simsense (cold- and hot-sim) as well as skillwires are not enforced on Runnerhub, and therefore aren't allowed as subjects for the addiction quality. Please see the rules on drugs usage and addictive substances for more information about the effects of the addiction quality.

Characters may have one instance of this quality per substance to which they are addicted.


Dwarf and Elf characters may not take this quality.


Albinism is not a Distinctive Style.


Asthma is not compatible with Allergies to inhaled irritants. This quality is subject to review by CCD.


A "safe place" is specifically a location marked as a safehouse, or a residence owned by the character as part of a lifestyle.

Bad Rep

Characters do not want this quality! Bad Rep is Bad News, and this quality may not be taken at chargen. Characters who had this quality at chargen prior to 4 September 2017 are grandfathered in and keep their rep.

Big Baby

Subject to CCD approval per sheet.

Big Regret

Subject to CCD approval to ensure it is something reasonably able to be discovered.

Brittle Attribute

Only available to technomancers.

Code of Honor

Codes of Honor based on metatypes, genders, ethnicity, and other groups may be taken. This includes specific corporations (AA or AAA are recommended), social groups (Humanis, Anarchists, etc.), ghouls in particular, Infected in general, and so on. All Codes of Honor of this type must have a short description of one or two sentences that explains the requirements of the Code. Sapient Paracritters are not a valid group.

Magicians may take Codes of Honor relating to spirits, which means that "A magician can legitimately choose to not destroy or disrupt any type of spirit from which their Mentor Spirit bestows a bonus for summoning. This Code of Honor respects their Mentor Spirit and is worthy of the Karma."

Existing Codes of Honor may also be customized on a limited basis. All changes must be clearly explained, and are subject to CCD approval to prevent the creation of completely custom Codes of Honor masquerading as RAW ones.

Violating a Code of Honor carries the following penalties:

  1. First infraction: Loss of 1 Karma point (if the character does not have a point of good Karma, then a reduction of 1 Karma from the Mission reward).
  2. Second infraction: No Karma reward for the run, and the player cannot Work For The People with the nuyen reward.
  3. Third infraction: One Edge burnt, immediately.
  4. Fourth infraction: The character cannot use Edge for the remainder of the run, at all.
  • Code of Honor: Assassin's Creed

Characters do not gain Public Awareness from breaking this Code of Honor. All other consequences and penalties of breaking a Code of Honor still apply.

  • Code of Honor: Like a Boss
    • The Code of Honor is also violated if a sprite or agent under the player’s control causes matrix damage to a target. It doesn’t extend to physical actions that cause matrix damage (e.g. using electric attacks against drones).
  • Code of Honor: Nationalist
    • This quality is allowed for UCAS only, and it is strongly advised that characters with this quality also have the National SINner: UCAS quality. CCD may deny characters with this quality without comment.
  • Code of Honor: Thug Life
    • The expenses (half of the character's income) are treated the same way as a SIN tax: they apply to their direct run rewards, and do not affect Working for the Nuyen/Karma.
Corporate Pariah

The 7 Karma version of this quality is only available to characters with the Limited or Corporate SINner Negative Quality.

Cyber Snob

The bonus for this quality is 6 Karma, and the required augmentation grade is Alphaware.

Data Hog

Only available to technomancers.


Alcohol and Smoking are no longer allowed to be taken as Dependents instead of Addictions. Being addicted to either one as a character trait should be purely roleplayed. Characters with Dependents to either one prior to 24-01-2019 are grandfathered in.

Distinctive Style

Characters with this quality are always easier to find and remember, regardless of disguises or attempts to cover what makes the character disctintive. GMs are encouraged to have NPCs make Memory tests when appropriate and remember that a character with this quality is distinctive (i.e. memorable) in some way.


Requires CCD approval. Generally speaking, a Driven character's goal must be something concrete and reasonably achievable within about a year (real time) of the character’s first run. Characters who have gone beyond a year without progressing on their Driven quality should consider buying the quality off.

Escaped Custody

Allowed for all character types.


Registering is not a valid option

Incomplete Deprogramming

This quality requires approval by CCD. On submission of the character, players must provide a description of the alternate identity.


Buying off Infirm does not restore attributes that it lowered when the quality was acquired.

Know Your Limit

Only available to technomancers.

Lazy Fingers

Karma bonus is now 6 karma, not 10.

On the Wagon

Allowed for all character types.


At the 15 karma level, the character is unable to directly facilitate violence at all - including paying for violence to happen or helping someone else procure the means of committing violence.

Poor Self Control: Sadistic

This quality requires explicit CCD approval and may be denied without further comment.

Records on File

This quality is limited to 3 ranks (or 3 corporations) at character creation, and may be taken for any canon AAA- or AA- rated corporation. Ranks in this quality taken for a AA-rated corporation at character creation require CCD approval.

On submission of the character, players must provide a list of the corporation(s) that have the files along with what specific information the corporation(s) have about the character and why they possess that information. This list must be adequately explained in the background section of the character sheet, and must be thematically appropriate to the character’s background.

Reduced [Sense]

This quality requires explicit CCD approval, and may be denied without further comment. “Reduced Sense Taste” and “Reduced Sense Smell” do not award bonus karma.


This quality requires CCD approval, and on character submission the player must provide a description of the signature. It must be uniquely used as a signature, and cannot be an item or action which would regularly serve another purpose in combat, as a tool, etc.


Dual Citizenships: When taking the SINner quality to represent a dual citizenship take the quality at the highest level amongst issuing bodies the character holds citizenship with and make a note that it is a dual citizenship. If the character loses citizenship with one of the issuers, and the remaining SIN is of a different level than is currently represented by the quality, the quality is replaced with the appropriate level and the character immediately pays off the karma difference, going into karmic debt if necessary. Characters who buy off the SINner quality which represents a dual citizenship remove both citizenships as a single purchase. For example, Connie CorpSam has dual citizenship with the Seattle Free City and Renraku. She takes the SINner quality to represent this. Her SFC SIN is a National SIN and her Renraku SIN is a Full Corporate SIN so she takes the 25 point negative quality version and makes a note that it is also an SFC National SIN. Connie pays taxes as outlined in the 25 point version of the quality, and when she is fired by Renraku and has her SIN from the corporation revoked she must pay the 40 karma (20 karma difference, doubled for postgen buy off) to go from a Full Corp SIN to a National SIN immediately, going into karma debt if she doesn’t have the 40 karma on hand.

Sloppy Code

Applies to Logic+Sleaze tests and the Hide action

Spirit Bane

The selected spirit must be approved by CCD.

Sprite Combustion

Only available to technomancers.

Stay Out Of My Way

This quality requires CCD approval, and may be denied without further comment. The composure test related to this quality may not be applied to other players.

Superhuman Psychosis

This quality requires explicit CCD approval, and may be denied without further comment. Characters with this quality cannot receive bonuses from leadership or teamwork tests.

Taint of Dissonance

Only available to technomancers.

The Goat

The dice pool modifier is changed to -2 from -1.

Thousand-Yard Stare

This quality requires CCD approval, and may be denied without further comment.

Trog Traitor

Keep in mind that characters with this quality take a negative modifier to their Social Limit equal to their Notoriety. Expect what constitutes an ork- or troll-majority area to vary by GM.

Ugly and Doesn't Care

A character with this quality must still meet the Attribute minimums specified by the RunnerHub Houserules.

Unsteady Hands

It is up to GM discretion whether this quality triggers at the beginning or end of combat.


Not available at gen.

Weak Immune System

This quality applies its effect to Toxins as well as Diseases, increasing their Power by +2.

Wired User

Allowed for all character types.

Banned Negative Qualities

  • Alpha Junkie (from Cutting Aces)
  • Amnesia (8 Karma) (from Run Faster).
  • Bi-polar (from Run Faster).
  • Borrowed Time (from Run Faster).
  • Carrier (from Run Faster).
  • Code of Honor: Avenging Angel (from Hard Targets).
  • Code of Honor: Black Hat (from Kill Code).
  • Consummate Professional (from Assassin's Primer).
  • Data Liberator (from Data Trails).
  • Day Job (from Run Faster).
  • Dead Emotion(from Chrome Flesh)
  • Dead SIN (from Better than Bad).
  • Decaying Dissonance (from Data Trails)
  • Designated Omega (from Cutting Aces)
  • Earther (from Run & Gun).
  • Echo Chamber (from Kill Code).
  • Elevated Stress (from The Complete Trog).
  • Emotional Attachment (from Run Faster).
  • Every Man For Himself (from Street Lethal).
  • Faceless (from Hard Targets).
  • Force of Chaos (from The Complete Trog).
  • Hung out to Dry (from Run Faster).
  • Impassive (from Hard Targets).
  • In Debt (from Run Faster).
  • Information Auctioneer (from Kill Code).
  • Latest and Greatest (from Data Trails).
  • Leeroy Jenkins (from Data Trails).
  • Pie Iesu Domine. Dona Eis Requiem (from Run Faster).
  • Pregnant (from Bullets & Bandages).
  • Quadriplegic (from Better than Bad).
  • Resonant Burnout (from Kill Code).
  • Stolen Gear (from No Future).
  • This Is Your Last Chance (from Street Lethal).
  • Tough and Targeted (from Chrome Flesh).
  • 'Ware Intolerance (from Kill Code).

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