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Character Creation

General Notes

The character creation process is overseen by the Character Creation Division (CCD). The legality of any submitted character is ultimately determined by them, and any questionable aspects of a character are subject to their approval. Characters submitted to r/hubchargen must retain their original links to the character sheet (in PDF and chummer/herolab formats) or be subject to an audit. This link must be at minimum a link to the character sheet as submitted, though a link to a running update is also permitted. These records must be retained for at least 30 days after a character's retirement or death.

If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding CCD practices, please send them a modmail.

Runnerhub uses several systems for character creation. New players may use the standard Priority or the Sum-To-Ten build systems. After some time playing, Karmagen will become available. These rules are detailed in the Shadowrun 5th edition Core Rulebook and Run Faster sourcebook. If you are using Chummer5a, be sure to set it to the correct character creation method. For Runnerhub characters, Chummer settings should be set to what are shown in these setting photos.

Each player may only have one character up for submission at a time, and there is a one week cooldown period between approval and submission of a new character. This does not apply to players with only one character slot, whose character was forcibly retired/died. This cooldown also does not apply to a character slot that is being refilled after a character dies (e.g. does not burn Edge on death) or is forcibly retired (e.g. becoming infected with HMHVV Strain 1/a banned Infected from Strain 2).

The order of steps in character creation - EG Attributes, Skills, Gear, etc. - are not fixed and may be completed in any order, returned to, or left for later as desired. It is, however, generally recommended to work from top to bottom or left to right. While buying attributes and skills with points and karma can be done in any order, the cost in karma for ranks is always calculated after points are put into the skill or attribute. Any explicit limitations or requirements, such as only one maxed Attribute at gen or a Skill with at least 4 ranks for the Loss of Confidence quality, are checked at the very end of character generation, on submission to r/hubchargen, except where otherwise noted in RAW or the House Rules.

Recordkeeping Standards

CCD reserves the right to decline names that are too similar, meaning names which have the same meaning and slight variations of spelling.

In the interests of maintaining openness and ease of auditing for those unfortunate times when CCD needs to do so, it is now required that all new characters on the Hub follow these two rules from this point on (2018-11-10):

  1. As long as a character is active, the chargen version of the sheet must be available at the original links provided in the chargen thread. If for some reason these links change, they must be updated to point to the new location of the chargen versions of the PDF and .chum5/.por files again for as long as a character is active. You may place this into a chargen folder and have it be out of the way of your in-play sheets, but we need the records available to us.
  2. For a period of at least 30 days after a character is retired, the chargen files must be retained for the retired sheet just in case we need to go back and check on them. After 30 days have passed, people will be free to delete them if they want to.

Beyond that, it's mostly up to you how you want to structure things. Please keep in mind that Google Drive offers basic version control, so you can simply upload a new copy of a file with the same name and it will retain the older versions for you.

Slots and Special Characters

All players on Runnerhub may have a maximum of 7 active characters, represented as slots.

  • The first slot is unlocked by default.
  • The second slot is unlocked after 5 completed runs. After unlocking this slot, players may use the Karmagen character creation method on all future characters.
  • The third slot is unlocked after 10 runs, and is the first slot which may be used for a Common Metavariant character
  • The fourth slot is unlocked after 15 runs.
  • The fifth slot may be purchased for 15 GMP after the fourth slot is unlocked.
  • The sixth slot may be purchased for 30 GMP after the fourth slot is unlocked.
  • The seventh slot may be purchased for 45 GMP after the fourth slot is unlocked.
  • The ability to use a slot for a Special Character is unlocked after 20 runs.

Note that GMing a run counts as completing a run, for the purposes of unlocking slots and Special Character creation. Purchased slots do not grant additional metavariant or Special Characters.

When submitting the fifth, sixth, and seventh characters, the post in r/hubchargen must note that a character slot is being purchased, and the source(s) of the GMP being used to purchase said slot.

Shelving Characters

A player who does not have the maximum number of slots may only have 1 (<5 runs), 2 (<10 runs), or 3 (<15) characters. However, a situation may arise in which you wish to play a different character without permanently retiring a current character. Thus, they may "Shelf" a character who has already been approved. A "Shelved" character is not available for play, advancement, etc., but still exists, approved by CCD and in their current state as of the shelving. You may only have one shelved character at a time. The normal rules about how frequently you can submit characters still applies. A character is shelved when the new character is approved, and the current character can be played while waiting for the new character's approval.

Returning a Shelved Character

A shelved character is returned to active availability when you unlock a character slot with your 5th, 10th, or 15th run. If you wish to use a different character for your second slot, you may shelve either of your characters again when you apply the new one. This continues at your third slot. If you wish to play a different character at your fourth slot, you must choose a PC to retire permanently, as normal.


  • When using Priogen to create a Technomancer, change the number of Complex Forms in each row as follows:
Priority AIncrease from 5 to 7
Priority BIncrease from 2 to 4
Priority CIncrease from 1 to 3


Players with at least 5 complete runs on the Runnerhub may submit characters created with (800) Karmagen instead of the Priority system.

The karmagenned character counts towards your maximum of 4 characters, but does not take up your Special Character slot unless they would otherwise qualify as a Special Character (e.g. rare metavariant, prototype transhuman, etc).

This should go without saying, but the same restrictions apply - a maximum of 25 karma spent on positive qualities, a maximum of 25 karma from negative qualities, at most 1 attribute at metatype maximum, maximum 6 in a skill, etc., etc.

You still get the free contact points from CHA and knowledge skill points from INT and LOG - this may require you to change the default setting in Chummer.


Players may choose to create characters with Sum-To-Ten instead of Priority system on the Runnerhub.

The Sum-To-Ten characters count towards your maximum of 4 characters, occupying one character slot each, but do not take up your Special Character slot unless they would otherwise qualify as a Special Character (e.g. rare metavariant, prototype transhuman, etc).

Sum-To-Ten characters follow the same restrictions as all others - a maximum of 25 karma spent on positive qualities, a maximum of 25 karma from negative qualities, at most 1 attribute at metatype maximum, maximum 6 in a skill, etc., etc.

Character Resubmit

A resubmit is intended to allow a player to correct gaps in their skill set that are causing significant issues, such as a Rigger without any Pilot skills, a Mage without Counterspelling, or a Matrix character without Hardware. It is not intended to allow for pure optimization tweaks, although corrections for drastic underperformance are allowed within reason. CCD reserves the right to decline a resubmission in rare circumstances.

A Player may resubmit their character for approval following changes assuming the following conditions are met:

  1. The character has between 0 and 5 runs completed.
  2. The character must not be in limbo either waiting for a run's Part 2, or for Thematic Division consequences following run fallout.
  3. The player has received permission from either the Game Master of one of their runs, or a full member of the Character Creation Division. This is to ensure that there is a legitimate reason to request the changes. Resubmits with 0 runs require express permission of the original reviewer and will be given priority over other reviews. They should also be specifically noted as [Run 0 Resubmit] in the title.
  4. The planned changes do not constitute creating an entirely new character, by drastically changing existing thematics and/or by outright building a completely different character concept. See: Converting an Elf Mage into an Ork Street Samurai, or switching a character's background from a street-wise go-ganger to a corporate brat.

A resubmit should be posted in the Hubchargen subreddit, following the same basic guidelines as the original submission. However, it must also be made clear in the header that it is a Resubmit, the name of the GM/CCD member that authorized the resubmit must be stated, and a link to the original thread be present, along with links to the updated PDF and Chummer or Hero Lab files. It is advised that the person who authorized the resubmit is pinged in your post as well, as they will have to verify they authorized the resubmit.

Players who are resubmitting characters are allowed to continue to apply to runs with their pre-resubmit build. All run rewards and nuyen/karma purchases will be applied immediately after the resubmit is approved. The 5 run resubmit limit applies when the resubmit is posted; if the character gets past 5 runs while waiting for it to be taken, they are not automatically denied the resubmit.


Minimum Attributes

Characters may have a single Physical or Mental attributes at rating 1. All other Physical and Mental Attributes must be above Rating 1, unless permanently augmented to a higher rating. Full Limb Replacements (2 Arms, 2 Legs) or Full Body Replacements (2 Arms, 2 Legs, 1 Torso) count as permanently augmented, while all other permutations of cyberlimb replacement do not.

Augmented Attributes

Anything that increases an attribute above its natural rating is considered an augmentation. This includes cyberware, bioware, magic, adept powers, drugs, and anything else that adds to a character's attribute rating. Incompatibilities generally refer only to the particular conflict. E.g. using the Growth spell with Muscle Toners: You pick which one grants the AGI boost, and the other effects of the Growth spell still apply. The maximum augmentation bonus to any attribute is +4.

Initiative/Reaction Stacking

Ignore all RAW statements about stacking multiple sources of Reaction or Initiative, as well as all statements about incompatibility between augmentations (as defined above in "Augmented Attributes") that provide Reaction or Initiative.

Reaction Stacking - Any reaction provided by an augmentation will stack with any reaction provided by other augmentations, to a maximum of +4. The sole exception to this is when using a wireless-on Wired Reflexes system alongside a wireless-on Reaction Enhancers system, which may stack with each other (and no other sources) to a maximum of +6 reaction. Having an Internal Router system installed allows your Wired Reflexes and Reaction Enhancers to stack as if they were wireless-on, even when wireless-off.

Initiative Stacking - A character can benefit from the initiative of only one augmentation that provides any flat initiative score or any initiative dice. This does not affect any other benefits such augmentations provide, including reaction or other attribute boosts. In addition to the initiative benefits of a single augmentation, a character may receive additional initiative score in a combat turn from each of the following sources. - The Calibration action (Kill Code, 37) - The Rally action of the Leadership skill (Core Rulebook, 142) - The Shoot First, Don't Ask Questions quality (Better than Bad, 161) These three sources of initiative will stack with a character's single initiative augmentation, as well as with each other, but not with themselves - a character receives only the benefit of the highest single Calibration or Rally action that would benefit them in a combat turn.

Any changes to a character's base initiative from being a non-metahuman entity (such as a Shapeshifter, or other Critter) are not subject to these restrictions, and fully stack with initiative augmentations.

Astral initiative is affected only by magical sources; Drugs and ware based boosts do not apply. Matrix initiative is affected only by things that specifically apply to Matrix Initiative, such as the Multidimensional Coprocessor, or the Overclocking Echo. Changes to base attributes (such as Reaction, Intuition, or Data Processing) from drugs(i.e. Cereprax and Betameth), spells(i.e. Increase [Attribute]), and ware(i.e. Cerebellum Boosters) always apply.

The +1 Initiative from the Reaction Enhancer Optimization geneware is considered part of the Reaction Enhancers augmentation for the purposes of these rules, and stacks with the Initiative dice from Wired Reflexes whenever their Reaction bonuses would stack.

Using Edge to Blitz is not subject to these restrictions in any way, and will always set your initiative dice pool to 5d6.

Magic/Resonance Attribute and Essence Loss

If a character's Magic or Resonance attribute reaches 0, they are permanently burned out. This means that they have lost their magical or technomancer abilities and cannot raise the Magic or Resonance attribute above 0 again (see p.250, SR5 and errata).

During character creation, apply any special attribute points or karma used to raise either of these attributes before applying reductions from Essence loss.

After character creation (i.e. in play), the Karma cost for raising the Magic attribute is based on the attribute’s current rating, after any reductions from Essence loss have been applied.


Engineering Skill Group

Aeronautics, Automotive, Industrial, and Nautical Mechanics skills are condensed into a single active skill called Mechanics. This may be represented in character generation programs using any one of the Mechanics skills, as is convenient.


All characters may start play knowing one Lingo, tied to (one of) their native language(s). Additional Lingos can be learned by buying ranks in them as separate languages.

Linked Attributes

Linked Attributes are the attributes that are tied to a skill by default. An overview of active skills and their linked attributes can be found on p.151, SR5.

Drugs, items, powers, etc. that provide bonuses or other effects to tests involving skills linked to a specific attribute (e.g. the PuSHed and Qualia geneware) always apply their bonuses to all tests involving skills linked to those attributes, even if they are rolled in a test with a different attribute than the linked. Conversely, these bonuses don't apply for tests where the dice pool includes the specified attribute, but not a skill linked to it.

  • The PuSHed geneware grants a +1 modifier to Logic-linked skill tests.
  • The Computer skill is linked to Logic, thus even when making a data search test (Computer + Intuition) the bonus from PuSHeD applies.
  • The Gunnery skill is linked to Agility, so even when making an attack with a remote controlled mounted weapon (Gunnery + Logic) the bonus from PuSheD doesn't apply.


There are a lot of rules about qualities, and to make reading the rest of this easier, they are in their own Rules entry.

Special Characters

Special Character refers to metavariants, metasapients, shapeshifters, changelings, and infected characters, characters with the Prototype Transhuman, Megacorporate Fame, or Global Fame qualities, and characters which make use of the Necromantic magical tradition.

Some metavariants are relatively common, and are available for use in character creation after a player has completed 10 runs. Each player may only have one of these characters active at any time, and Common Metavariant characters count to the cap of 4 characters per player.

Once a player has played in at least 20 games on the Runnerhub, they are able to submit Special Characters. Every player may only have one Special Character active at any time (except through a previously non-Special Character becoming Special in play, as noted below). Special Characters count towards the overall maximum of 4 characters per player.

Players may concurrently have an active character with a Common Metavariant and an active Special Character.

If a character becomes a Special Character during a run (e.g. by becoming infected), that character takes a Special Character slot. Players don't get penalized for having more than one Special Character due to this, but they cannot make a new Special Character unless they have no active Special Characters.


Unless otherwise specified below, metavariants are legal for usage on Runnerhub if the player meets the general criteria for Special Characters.

The following metavariants are considered Common:

  • Dwarf: Gnome, Hanuman, Koborokuru, Menehune
  • Elf: Nocturna
  • Human: None
  • Ork: Hobgoblin, Ogre, Oni, Satyr
  • Troll: Cyclops, Fomorian, Giant, Minotaur

Extravagant Eyes are treated as the Distinctive Style quality.


They have the standard Dwarf Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins (as indicated on the table, despite what it says in the fluff) until this is addressed by errata or similar. Note that Chummer has a bug giving them metagenetic improvement (intuition) which is also incorrect.


Nartaki have a cost of 8 Karma.


Please note that "Allergy: Sunlight" encompasses more than just direct exposure to natural sunlight. See Run Faster, p.134 "Walking in Shadows" for a more detailed description.


Unless otherwise specified below, metasapients are legal for usage on Runnerhub if the player meets the general criteria for Special Characters.


Pixies are not allowed as player characters on the Runnerhub.


Remember that Sasquatch are not able to verbally communicate or use their mimicry to emulate spoken language.




The Hub does not use the Shapeshifter errata for player characters. NPC shifters remain under GM discretion

Shapeshifter Attribute Table

Shapeshifter Attribute Table

Please note that the “Metavariant Attribute Table” for shapeshifters (Run Faster, p.105) is incorrect. Use the table to the right when creating shapeshifter characters for Runnerhub.

Special Attributes

Rating and maximum of special attributes are shared between the two forms.

The last sentence of the “Creating a Shapeshifter” section (Run Faster, p.103) can be ignored. Use the Edge values listed in the table to the right instead.


The initiative dice listed in the shapeshifter attribute table replace the usual one die. These Initiative dice only apply in animal form.

Falconine Shapeshifters

The flight power cannot be used in metahuman form.

Distinctive Style

Remember that shapeshifters keep some features of their animal form when shifting into their human form. A distinctive style related to the character’s shapeshifter nature would therefore mean an even more pronounced form of these features.


Only SURGE Class III is allowed for player characters on the Runnerhub. The SURGE quality does not count against the positive quality karma limit.

Specific Metagenetic Qualities
  • Broadened Auditory Spectrum
    • Please note that even though a character may be able to detect communications in the chosen spectrum, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are able to decipher them.
  • Corrosive Spit
    • Characters cannot bottle, share, or sell their own spit.
  • Defensive Secretions
    • Characters cannot bottle, share, or sell their own secretions.
  • Impaired Attribute
    • Cannot be taken for an attribute at 1, an attribute at 2, or your lowest attribute if no attributes are a 1 or 2.
  • Nasty Vibe
    • Keep in mind that the character’s aura might be hindering in situations where they are attempting friendly interactions.
  • Natural Venom
    • Characters cannot bottle, share, or sell their own venom.
  • Ogre Stomach
    • The lifestyle discount only applies to medium lifestyle and below.
  • Satyr Legs
    • The damage bonus only applies to unarmed attacks using kicks (does not require the 'Kick' martial art technique), but not other attacks using the unarmed combat skill (e.g. shock gloves, foot/leg mounted cyber-implants, etc.), and stacks with the bonus damage from bone lacing cyberware or bone density augmentation bioware.
  • Symbiosis
    • The BOD + WIL (3) test is rolled in the monthly rent thread using Dicebot.


The only Infected allowed for player characters on the Runnerhub are Ghouls and Gnawers. All other Infected types are not allowed. Infected player characters on Runnerhub cannot infect other player characters, whether it’s intentional or unintentional. Infected NPCs, on the other hand, are not necessarily sterile - ye have been warned!

Infected characters may not burn out to 0 Magic voluntarily. If they reach a magic Rating of 0 in play they are retired.

Attribute reductions incurred through an infection quality’s weaknesses are applied at the same time as attribute points are spent. For example, all Ghoul variants have a minimum charisma of 1, and incur a charisma reduction of -1 due to the weaknesses of the Ghoul quality. Therefore, a Ghoul character has a Charisma of 0 by default, and must spend 1 attribute point to raise their Charisma to meet Runnerhub’s minimum requirement on attribute scores(or 2 points if another attribute at 1).

Optional Powers

Optional Powers can only be purchased once every two months, and Advanced Optional Powers such as Corrosive Spit or Tunneling Claws require two other Optional Powers to be purchased first.

  • Armor
    • This power cannot be of a rating greater than the Ghoul's Essence rating. If their Essence drops below their Armor, their Armor drops to match their Essence rounded down.
  • Corrosive Spit
    • As an exotic weapon, this power requires the exotic skill to be bought, and you cannot buy the exotic skill until you have the power.
    • Characters cannot bottle, share, or sell their own spit.
  • Wildcard Chimera
    • Banned for players; usable only by GMs

AIs and E-Ghosts

AIs and E-Ghosts are currently not allowed as player characters on Runnerhub.

Necromantic Mages

Due to their complexity, major mechanical differences from other magical traditions, and thematic oddities, characters who take the Necromantic Magic tradition are counted as Special Characters.

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