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Job Post Template

This template is to be used to post jobs to allow a consistent format so that any bots employed on the Runnerhub can function properly. This also allows players to find relevant information quickly and easily.


[Job] Name of run - <YYYY-MM-dd hh:mm UTC+0>

Please post all jobs in the UTC+0 time as this allows easy conversion for users even if the calendar bot is down without needing to find a converter for your specific timezone.

Post Header

{YYYY-MM-dd hh:mm (UTC) }

This tag is critically important for the calendar bot to input your job onto the Runnerhub Calendar

Player count: The number of players required.
Duration: How many hours the game is expected to last.
Communication: What Text/Audio/Video software and Virtual Tabletop will be used. The Runnerhub standards are Roll20 & Discord.
In game location: The location the characters will be playing this Job in.
Game theme: No more than one sentence synopsis of the Job without giving it away to players.
Game type: What behavior is expected of the players (Mirrorshades, pink mohawk, black trenchcoat, etc.)
Threat level: How dangerous the mission is expected. Use the GMing on the Hub Guidelines or Modmail TD the threat level of your run on posting of the job.
Prerequisites: Expectations the GM has for the game, such as patience from the players, knowledgeable of their own role, knowledgeable of most rules, the ability to show up early/on-time, handling of adult themes, a microphone or camera for a game that will use audio and/or video, amongst others.


A paragraph or two describing the job that can be written in a narrative format in-game. This can take any form you desire, such as the Johnson or a Fixer message. Any specific requests for the reply belong here.


Any out of character extra information or specific requests for the job applications belong here.

Reddit Friendly Template for Copy/Pasting

{YYYY-MM-dd hh:mm (UTC) }

Player count: 



In game location: 

Game theme: 

Game type: 







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