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Gear and Items

Banned Items

The following items are banned, in totality, from use on Runnerhub. They may not be used by players or GMs.

  • Milspec armor of any and all kinds, including the Ares Firewatch "Bug Stomper" armor in Street Lethal.
  • Bumblebee Drones
  • Dum Dum Grenades
  • Stoner-Ares M-22A1 Vehicle Mounted Heavy Machine Guns
  • Zapper Rounds
  • Drain Away
  • Krime Splash Self-Defense Ammunition
  • Krime Party
  • Krime Carpet
  • Krime Calliope
  • Krime Ripper


The following is a compacted list of licenses for use and what they cover:

  • Firearms: All firearms and restricted military type weapons, including cyberweapons and ammunition.
  • Melee weapons: blades, clubs, and other melee weapons, Including cyberweapons. Covers melee throwing weapons not including exotics.
  • Magic: Spells, foci and spirits. This also includes magical reagents or alchemical ingredients and infusions.
  • Matrix: Decks and Matrix programs.
  • Drones: Drones, RCCs, software, and other drone related equipment.
  • Vehicles: Operating licenses for groundcraft, aircraft, seacraft, or other vehicles.
  • Explosives: For explosives and related tools.
  • Augmentations: Cyberware, nanotech, geneware, and bioware augmentations. Weaponry is covered by the firearms and melee weapons licenses.
  • Drugs/Toxins: Drugs, toxins and related equipment.
  • Vocational: Tools such as lockpicks, toolkits, or other questionable items that could be explained with a probable work use.
  • Armor: All armor and modifications.
  • Exotic Weapon: No general licenses, per exotic weapon unless they use the same skill (e.g. lasers).
  • Pets: All Restricted animals.
  • Archery: Crossbows, bows, arrows/bolts, etc.
  • Concealed Carry: For carrying guns hidden on your person that are also wireless off/running silent/Wrappered.

Repairing Damaged Gear and Items

Damaged gear (devices, weapons, armor, drones, vehicles, etc.) can be repaired by a qualified professional or the character themselves. The cost for a repair is generally either a percentage of the item’s base value (excluding modifications), or a flat fee, whichever is lower.

When repairing Physical damage to cyberware, costs are only incurred if performing the repairs in the middle of a run. Repairs made pre- or post-run are free.

If a character has the appropriate garage to house a vehicle attached to an active lifestyle, that vehicle is repaired instantly at no cost between runs. Drones are counted as vehicles for the purposes of receiving repairs from a Car Garage, and follow the same Body requirements. Additionally, any Vehicle or Drone with a Nanomaintenance System modification (of any rating) may be repaired instantly at no cost between runs.

Professional Repairs

Repairs performed by a professional are simple and quick in the sense that they only require payment of their fee in nuyen, and a bit of waiting. The professional does not need to make a test to perform the repair, and the repairs are completed in the calculated time – though GMs may adjust the length of time for a repair to be completed if it is performed during a run.

Professional repairs do not need to be performed by a contact.


Player characters may also repair their own gear, if they have the appropriate technical skills and tools. This is cheaper, if not necessarily faster, than having a professional perform the repairs, so in all cases except Matrix damage the cost of the repairs is halved. Self-repairing Matrix damage costs no nuyen, merely time, and otherwise follows the rules on CRB228. The relevant portion is copied below:

"If you have a device with Matrix damage, you can repair it with a toolkit, an hour of work, and a Hardware + Logic [Mental] test. Every hit you get can be used to either remove one box of Matrix damage or cut the time required in half; the first die spent toward time reduces the time to half an hour, the second to 15 minutes, and so on, to a minimum of one Combat Turn (3 seconds). Bricked or not, the device is off-line and unusable during the repair process."

Making repairs is an Extended Test of the relevant technical skill and the relevant attribute, which is generally Logic but can be changed at GM discretion to support “intuitive” repairs (AKA: jury-rigging). Characters may receive modifiers for this test, such as those from the Build/Repair table on CRB145, at GM discretion. If the character fails to repair all damage, they cannot attempt the test again. The character has simply reached the limits of their skill, and the remaining damage will have to be repaired by a professional.

Repair Thresholds, Costs, and Intervals Table

Type of RepairPhysical Damage (e.g. drones, vehicles)Matrix Damage (e.g. cyberdecks)Armor Damage (e.g. acid damage)Damage to Weapons
Repairs done by Player CharacterCost2% / 500¥ per box of damage repaired2.5% / 125¥ per point of armor restored7.5% / 75¥ per point of accuracy restored12.5% / 125¥ per point of AP restored25% / 250¥ per point of reach restored
Extended Test ThresholdOne box of damage repaired per hitOne box of Armor restored per hit101214
Extended Test Interval[Boxes of damage at start of repair] x [30 minutes]1 hour, optionally reduced by hits on test[Boxes of lost Armor at start of repair] x [1 hour]30 minutes1 hour2 hours
Repairs done by ProfessionalCost4% / 1000¥ per box of damage repaired2% / 500¥ per box of damage repaired5% / 250¥ per point of armor restored15% / 150¥ per point of accuracy restored25% / 250¥ per point of AP restored50% / 500¥ per point of Reach restored
Length of Repair (rounded up)([Boxes of damage at start of repair] / 3) x [1 day](Boxes of lost Armor at start of repair] / 3) x [1 day]2 days

Bricked or Destroyed Drones

Drones that have been bricked or destroyed can be repaired for twice the normal repair rates: 8%/2k per box for professional repair of Physical damage, 4%/1k per box for professional repair of Matrix damage, 4%/1k per box if self-repairing Physical damage, and free if self-repairing matrix damage. Software present on the drone itself is lost. This is only possible if the drone itself can be recovered after being destroyed/bricked.


Cyber-Implanted Melee Weapons

Cyber-Implanted Melee weapons increase Reach by +1 when used in pairs. This does not increase damage and both hands must be free (not holding anything).

Characters with Cyberimplant Melee Weapons may benefit from chemical seal if the seal is activated after any weapons are readied. The act of readying cyberimplant melee weapons breaks chemical seal. Cyberguns and Bioweapons cannot be used without breaking chemical seal.

Krime-brand Weapons

All weapons manufactured by Krime with a RAW restriction to orks and trolls may be wielded by any character, with a -2 penalty to all dicepools relevant to using the weapon when wielded by a non-trog.

Krime Katalog Weapon notes

  • Any Recoil Compensation listed in parenthesis apply to weapons with their integral mods(bipods, folding stocks) deployed. Otherwise their base RC is 0.
  • Listed Recoil Compensation values include bonuses from pre-installed mods and accessories.
  • This book lists normal Recoil Compensation values as negative numbers. The negative sign can be ignored.

Military and Future Weapons

While these weapons are not available for purchase by characters, they are available for use by GMs as mission focuses.

One / Two Handed Weapons

Unless otherwise stated in the weapon description, all pistols (tasers, holdouts, heavy pistols, machine pistols) and SMGs are one handed weapons. Assault rifles, long arms and heavy weapons are two handed weapons. Using a two-handed weapon with one hand incurs a -2 penalty (-1 for trolls).

Signature Weapons

Despite the name, “Signature Weapons” (p.183, Hard Targets) are not enough to count as a Signature or Distinctive Style quality on their own.

Stun Weapons

When turned off or out of charge, Stun weapons use the damage code of the equivalent weapon. Stun Batons use the damage code of Extendable Batons, The Nemesis Arms Maul Stun Staff uses the staff damage code, the Krime Stun Lance uses the Pole Arm damage code(except stun instead of physical), and the Stun-o-net uses the bayonet damage code(except stun instead of physical)

Underbarrel Weapons

Underbarrel Grenade Launchers may take an Airburst Link as a slot-less accessory. Other underbarrel weapons cannot take modifications or accessories.

All underbarrel weapons benefit from the following list of modifications if they are present on the main weapon:

  • Targeting Accessories (Smartgun system, Laser Sight, Imaging Scope, Safe Target System, etc.)
  • Stock Slot Modifications/Accessories
  • Side Slot Modifications/Accessories (except for Additional Clip/Magazine)
  • Underbarrel Modifications/Accessories (except for other Underbarrel Weapons)
  • Custom Look
  • Ceramic/Plasteel Components
  • Extreme Environment Modification
  • Melee Hardening
  • Personalized Grip
  • Slings

Weapon Form Factor

Modifying a commlink or cyberdeck with a weapon form factor still requires the weapon to be purchased, and all associated availability checks must be made.

Specific Weapons

Ares Screech Sonic Rifle

This weapon has no effect on spirits.

Aztechnology Blood Drinker Combat Axe

This weapon's accuracy remains as written; equal to the physical limit of the user and may not be modified through weapon customization. Additionally, this weapon has a reach of 1.

Aztechnology Striker

This weapon may be reloaded and reused. It is disposable in the sense of being cheap, relative to other options.

Barrens Special

Variations on the statline for this gun are at GM discrection, and do not persist beyond the end of a given run.

Cavalier Flash

May be prepared as described in its notes using a Simple action.

Flame Bracer

This weapon uses the Flamethrowers skill. Flametosser ammo is 12F and each round costs ¥10.

Hammerli Gemini

This weapon cannot take additional magazine modifications.

Hold Fast Sprayers

Hold Fast Sprayers have an accuracy of 2. They are disposable and may not be reloaded.

Horizon-Flynn Defense-Com Commlink Weapons

The availability of these items is Restricted. Additionally, for the sake of clarity, these are not functional commlinks without weapon customizations.

Krime Chatter

The Krime Chatter counts as a Machine Pistol.

Krime Confederate

The Krime Confederate counts as an Assault Cannon, and has an availability of 20F.

Krime Ditch Combination Gun

The Krime Ditch Combination Gun takes a simple action to fold and unfold. It counts as a Sporting Rifle when firing the rifle, and as a Shotgun when firing the shotgun.

Krime Escalation

The Krime Escalation counts as a rocket launcher, fires rockets, and includes an R2 Bug Scanner.

Krime Gloves

These gloves refill their charge following the same induction rules as standard shock gloves.

Krime Heater

The Krime Heater counts as a Heavy Pistol.

Krime KAR-97-H

The Krime KAR-97-H counts as an LMG.

Krime Monster

The Krime Monster counts as an HMG.

Krime Saint Nicholas Carbine

An unmodified Krime Saint Nicholas Carbine with the seven-round clip doubles the concealment bonus it receives from any clothing a player is wearing over it.

Krime Soldier

The Krime Soldier counts as a Sniper Rifle.

Krime Stopper-II

The Krime Stopper-II counts as a Shotgun.

Krime T-Shirt Cannon

The Krime T-Shirt Cannon counts as a Assault Cannon, and can only fire T-shirts.

Krime Tradition

he Krime Tradition counts as an SMG.

Krime Varmint Stocked Pistol

The Krime Varmint Stocked Pistol counts as a Heavy Pistol, and comes with folding stock.

Krime Vester

The Krime Vester counts as a Holdout Pistol.

Lemat 2072

Firing the shotgun barrel uses the Pistols skill.


This weapon is rendered inoperable after being fired, and may not be reloaded.

Morrisey Alta

This pistol's availability code is Restricted instead of Forbidden.

Nemesis Arms Praetorian

As the only Pistol in the game that can have a bayonet, it has a Reach stat of "-" rather than the normal "2" that is attributed to Bayonets.

Onotari Arms HL-13

Following the pattern of the XM30, configurations may be changed using an "automatics + logic [mental]" (5, 1 minute) extended test.

Onotari Arms S-3K

May be prepared as described in its notes using a Simple action.


This weapon uses the following statline:


Toxin resistance dice pool bonuses from Nephritic Screens and other such ‘ware does not grant a benefit to resisting the Painade.


Does not have the Fire damage type.

Ranger Arms Sniper

Following the pattern of the XM30, assembly of this weapon requires a (Longarms + Logic [Mental]) test.

Renraku Red Samurai Katana

Not available to player characters, reflecting their Availability of "N/A".

Shiawase Arms Simoom

This weapon works as a two-part set of forearm guards for both arms. Therefore, it’s not possible to use two shooting barrel forearm guards at the same time.

Stinger Pen Gun

This has recoil compensation "-", not that it matters.

Stoner-Ares M-22A1 Vehicle Mounted Heavy Machine Gun

This weapon (Street Lethal, p130) is not used on Runnerhub. This includes usage by PCs as well as NPCs. See: Banned Items

Ultimax Rainforest Carbine

The stats for this gun read as follows:

511P-2SA/BF(1)18 (C)8R2600¥


Detecting weaponized yo-yos uses the same rules as instruments of death.

Weapon Modifications

Each category of weapon has a certain subsets of slots they can fill with aftermarket modifications by default. Almost every weapon can take a grip modification - either a Personalized Grip or a Gecko Grip - which provides the appropriate benefits any time the weapon is held in a grasping appendage. In all cases, a firearm can only take a single aftermarket modification in each available slot, along with any number of slotless modifications. Aftermarket modifications are any that are not 'integral', which refers to any modifications that come with the firearm by default. Per RAW, 'integral' modifications do not use any slots, leaving you free to add a Long Barrel to your Ingram Smartgun X aftermarket. Any single, specific weapons that are stated, by RAW, to be unable to take any modifications (or accessories) will be treated as having no slots. Any single, specific weapon that is stated to be unable to take a certain slot of modification is unable to do so even if the below list indicates that it would be able to. You can, however, still add any slotless accessories or modifications to them. Beyond those exceptions, see the below list.

Melee and Thrown

Melee and thrown weapons (except for grenades) may not take any modifications except for a grip modification, "Custom Look", "Overclocked", "Tracker", "Weapon Commlink", " Chameleon Coating", and "Weapon Personality." They can make use of holsters, if the weapon is appropriately sized. Grenades may not take any weapon modifications.


Tasers have access to the Top, Side, and Internal slots by default. They are one handed.


Holdouts cannot take any modifications that require slots. They are one handed.


Light, Heavy, and Machine Pistols have access to Top, Side, Barrel, and Internal slots by default. They are one handed.

Submachine Guns

SMGs have access to the Top, Side, Barrel, Stock, and Internal slots by default. They are one handed.

Carbines, ARs, Sporting Rifles, Snipers, Shotguns, MGs

Carbines, Assault Rifles, Sporting Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and all categories of Machine Guns have access to all slots by default. They are two handed.

ACs and Launchers

Assault Cannons, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, and Missile Launchers have access to the Top, Side, Underbarrel, Stock, and Internal slots by default. They are two handed.


Light, Medium, and Heavy crossbows have access to the Top, Side, Stock, and Internal slots. They cannot take Electronic Firing. They are two handed. The Ranger Sliver Pistol Crossbow has access to the Top, Side, and Internal slots. It cannot take Electronic Firing. The Ranger Sliver Pistol Crossbow is one handed, and has a concealability modifier of +0.


Bows, including the Krime Trollbow and the Dynamic Tension Bow, are obligate two handed weapons. They cannot be fired in one hand by taking a penalty. The Krime Trollbow and Dynamic Tension Bow as well as Compound Bows can take an Internal Smartgun System and a grip modification, as well as laser sights. Traditional bows can take a grip modification, laser sights, and their own special breakdown system detailed on Hard Targets P197.

The Winchester Airbow

The Winchester Airbow has the same slots as detailed in RAW. It is two handed and has a concealability of +6.


The Narcoject PEP has the same slots as detailed in RAW. It is one handed and has a concealability of +0.

Excluded Individual Ranged Weapons

The following weapons cannot take any modifications except for grips.

  • Any weapon which has a paid essence or capacity cost, typically cyberweapons and bioweapons, are incapable of taking any modifications, grips included, except for those specifically called out in RAW.
  • The Tiffani Elegance Shooting Bracers. They are treated as one handed at concealability +0 for spotting it, though they retain the RAW modifier to discern the true function. They cannot benefit from grips, but cannot be disarmed by called shots or similar effects.
  • The SA Retiarus Net Gun (Basic and XL.) They are treated as two handed at concealability +6/+8.
  • The Mortimer of London "Trafalgar" Gun Cane and Knockoff Gun Cane. They are treated as one handed.
  • Bolas (Regular and Monofilament). Bolas are one handed and have a concealability of +0. Additionally, bolas cannot take grips.
  • Blowguns. Blowguns are one handed and have a concealability of +2.
  • The Ares Giantslayer Slingshot. Slingshots are obligate two-handed weapons - you cannot take a penalty to wield them in one hand, due to their nature - with a concealability of +0.
  • The Micro Flare Launcher. Micro Flare Launchers are one handed weapons with a concealability of -2.
  • The Modified Spray Pen
  • The Pepper Punch Pen
Pistol-sized Individual Ranged Weapons

The following weapons have access to the Top, Side, and Internal slots by default. They are one-handed and count as pistol sized with a concealability of +0. They cannot take Electronic Firing.

  • The Parashield Dart Pistol
  • The Ares Redline Laser Pistol
  • The FN-AAL Gyrojet Pistol - In addition, the Gyrojet pistol has access to the Barrel slot and Electronic Firing, but not Suppressors.
  • The Narcoject Gas Gun
  • The Narcoject Trackstopper
  • The Narcoject Dazzler - Note this only applies to the standalone version, not the weapon modification version.
Submachine Gun-sized Individual Ranged Weapons

The following weapons have access to the Top, Side, Stock, and Internal slots by default. They are one-handed and count as SMG sized with a concealability of +4. They cannot take Electronic Firing.

  • The Ares Lancer MP Laser
  • Grapple guns (regular and tactical.)
Assault Rifle-sized Individual Ranged Weapons

The following weapons have access to the Top, Side, Underbarrel, Stock, and Internal slots by default. They are two handed and count as assault rifle sized with a concealability of +6. They cannot take Electronic Firing.

  • The Ares S-III Super Squirt
  • The Fichetti Pain Inducer
  • The Aquadyne Shark-XS Harpoon Gun
  • The Standard Harpoon Gun
  • The Ares Armatus
  • Ares Screech Sonic Rifle
Sniper-sized Individual Ranged Weapons

The following weapons have access to the Top, Side, Underbarrel, Stock, and Internal slots by default. They are two handed and count as rifle-sized with a concealability of +8. Unless otherwise indicated, they cannot take Electronic Firing.

  • The Parashield Dart Rifle
  • The Ares Archon Heavy MP Laser
  • The Ares Thunderstruck Gauss Rifle

The following weapons have access to the Top, Side, and Underbarrel slots by default. They are two handed and count as rifle-sized with a concealability of +8.

  • The Halloweener Barbecue Lighter
  • The Shiaware Arms Incinerator
  • Shiawase Blazer
Melee weapons

The following melee weapons are one handed:

  • Knives
  • Swords
  • Small Axes (Tomahawk Sized)
  • Clubs
  • Batons
  • Maces
  • Whips
  • Chakram
  • Shields

The following melee weapons are two handed:

  • Combat Axe
  • Polearms
  • Large Swords (Katana and bigger)
  • Staves
  • Garrotes
  • Battering Rams
  • Chainsaws

Specific Weapon Modifciations

Electronic Firing

This modification occupies the Internal slot.

Explosive Clip

The available grenade types for this modification are HE, Frag and Flashbang. The detonation of an explosive clip is not strong enough to cause cascading shockwaves. Ignore the rules for Blasts in a Confined Space (aka ‘Chunky Salsa’, p.183, SR5) when using this modification.

Extended Clip

Extended clip can be put on a weapon with a clip (c), drum (d), or belt (belt) weapons. It does not function on internal magazines (m), cylinders (cy), break action (b), muzzle loaders (ml) and cap & ball (cb).

Gas Vent / Silencer Compatibility

Gas vent and Silencers cannot be combined as aftermarket modifications, since they both use the barrel modification slot. The exception to this is when a weapon comes with an integral version of either modification.

Shotgun Suppressors

Shotguns may be modified with Suppressors.


This weapon modification may be used as a Stun Baton when detached from a firearm, with a Reach stat of 0. Attacks with this weapon use the Clubs skill both when attached and detached.

Underbarrel Grenade Launcher

The stats for this gun read as follows:

4As Loaded GrenadeAs Loaded GrenadeSS-6 (C)10F3,500¥

This weapon may take an Airburst Link as a slot-less accessory. See .

Bipods & Tripods

Characters are required to take a Drop Prone action before deploying to benefit from either a Bipod or Tripod. It is a Complex Action to deploy a Tripod without the Wireless Bonus.


Ares S-III Super Squirt

DMSO Rounds for this weapon have an availability of 2R, and cost 20ny for 10 rounds. Each pack can be loaded with one dose of toxin, purchased separately.

Assault Cannon

Anti-Vehicle Assault Cannon rounds are available with the following statline:

  • AV Assault Cannon rounds: DV —, AP Mod –1/–5(–1 for personal, –5 for vehicle armor), Avail 14F, Cost 1000¥ per 10 rounds.


The rating of all arrows is capped at 12.

Depleted Uranium Rounds

DU rounds cannot be utilized with Called Shots specific to other types of ammunition, such as Bulls-Eye Double-Tap/Burst. Remember that carrying DU rounds without proper authorization and legal status is a crime, and that sensor suites can detect them easily due to the fact that they are radioactive.

Gyrojet Ammo

The Gyrojet ammo listed in the Run and Gun errata should be labelled "Gyrojet Taser" For the missing Gyrojet Ammunition use the following stats:

  • Gyrojet uses the stats of regular ammo at 40¥ per 10 rounds
  • Gyrojet+ uses the stats of explosive ammo at 160¥ per 10 rounds
  • Gyrojet Tag uses the stats of Tracker rounds at 300¥ per 10 rounds

Hand Loads

Hand loads are not used on Runnerhub.

Illegal Ammo

If a character purchases a weapon at gen with a unique ammo type which has an availability higher than 12, the character may ignore the availability to purchase the minimum amount necessary to use the weapon. In addition to enough ammunition to fill the weapon, a character may purchase the following; one power clip for the Ares Redline, Armatus, Underbarrel Laser, Screech Rifle, or Ares Thunderstruck, two power clips for the Lancer and Narcoject PEP, and one power satchel for the Ares Archon.

Looper Rounds

Looper Rounds will use the Subsonic Ammunition modifiers for perception; -1 on all perception tests to locate default or -2 when used from a suppressor.

Zapper Rounds

This ammunition type is not used on Runnerhub. This includes usage by PCs as well as NPCs. See: Banned Items


Please note on your character’s sheet what the default setting is for their grenades. If this is neither noted nor stated prior to use, they are assumed to be unarmed and must be set as a Simple Action.

Grenades do not halve the armor value of someone holding them if they are prematurely detonated, a vehicle they hit, etc. Grenades only use the Demolitions rules for Explosives (p. 436, CRB) if they are deliberately placed on a surface in order to increase their penetration by someone trained in Demolitions.

Cancellation of Service Grenades

As per their fluff text, these have a radius of 5 meters.

Douser Grenades

The effect listed from having a FW of 0 is unique to this grenade

Dumdum Grenades

Dum Dum Grenades are not used on Runnerhub. See: Banned Items


Ares Firewatch "Bug Stomper" Custom Armor

This armor ('Street Lethal', p129-130) is not used on Runnerhub. This includes usage by PCs as well as NPCs. See: Banned Items

Ballistic Mask

May not be worn together with a helmet.

Chameleon Suit

RPC can be applied to this armor as a modification. The RPC bonus is gained in addition to the native bonus of this armor.


A regular Cloak (not Ruthenium Polymer Cloak) can accept the Chemical Protection, Fire Resistance, Insulation, Nonconductivity, Radiation Shielding, and Thermal Dampening armor modifications.

It can have a maximum capacity for armor modifications of 6. Each point of capacity costs 100¥ plus the cost of the modification itself.

Hardened Mil-Spec Battle Armor

This armor (p.66, Run & Gun) is not used on Runnerhub. This includes usage by PCs as well as NPCs. See: Banned Items

PPP Armor Add-Ons

For the purposes of PPP gear, any gear that can be chemically sealed counts as Full Body Armor.

Snake Mesh Socks

Snake Mesh Socks do not provide a permanent armor bonus, only +2 Armor against attacks that specifically target the feet or lower legs. They also do not count towards encumbrance.

Urban Explorer Daedalus and Helmet

The stats given in Street Lethal are replaced by those from 'unofficial errata', and repeated here.

Urban Explorer Daedalus (Wingsuit)
9483,200 ¥
Urban Explorer Daedalus: Helmet
+26-100 ¥

Armor Modifications

AR Fashion

The subscription services are tiered, that is, having the designer level service also includes clothes from the previous three levels.

For simplicity, the threshold to make a piece of AR clothing is based on the availability of the tier of clothes you want to make unless the GM rules otherwise.

Armor Add-ons

Legal for use on Runnerhub. Use common sense and don’t make RD, CCD, or a GM swat you for misusing them.

Chemical Seal

Chemical Seal is available on any body armor that has a matching, dedicated helmet. For armors other than Full Body Armor, only the Chemical Seal listed on CRB 438 that takes 6 capacity is available.

Distributed Deck

Characters do not need Electronic Part Packs to repair these devices when they take Physical damage. Instead, characters need ten percent of the original base cost of the deck per box of damage.

Gel Packs

This armor customization can only be added to full armor pieces (e.g. armored jacket, armor vest, Berwick suit, etc.) but not armor add-ons and accessories (e.g. helmets, masks, forearm guards, etc.).

Gel Packs count as an armor stack, and thus add to encumbrance.

Shock Frills

Shock Frills do 8S(e) damage when used as a weapon, but cannot damage an attacker who comes into contact with them like Shock Weave.

YNT Softweave

This armor customization can only be added to full armor pieces (e.g. armored jacket, armor vest, Berwick suit, etc.) but not armor add-ons and accessories (e.g. helmets, masks, forearm guards, etc.).

Upgrading Cyberdecks / RCCs / TacNets

It is possible to upgrade a cyberdeck, RCC, or TacNet to the equivalent of a better (more expensive) model. To do so, characters must succeed on a standard Availability roll for the device they are upgrading to, then pay the price difference between the new and old device. It’s also possible to downgrade a device, though characters who do so won’t get anything back and still need to succeed at a standard Availability roll for the new device.

Delivery times are the same as buying a brand-new version of the new device.

General Gear

Ares FlaShield

May be used as a weapon with the same stats as the Riot Shield, and requires the Shields exotic weapon specialization in the Clubs skill.


When all six areas of the body (Face, Torso, and Limbs) have Altskin applied, the user is completely immune to contact vector toxins for the duration. Anything less than full coverage provides situational immunity or a dicepool bonus to resistance as per Chrome Flesh, page 152.

EVO/Yamatetsu Naval Technologies Rampart Portable Ballistic Emplacement

The Yamatetsu Naval Technologies Rampart Portable Ballistic Emplacement does not have hardened armor. When deployed, the Yamatetsu Naval Technologies Rampart Portable Ballistic Emplacement has Structure and Barrier ratings of 10 and 10.


Generic Face versions of this item may function as basic Faceless, and Specific Face versions may function as a Generic Face or Basic Faceless. The Specific Face displayed may be changed with 10 minutes of work by anyone with ranks in Computer or Software.

As a simple reminder to GMs, feel free to only have narratively important devices roll against Faceless. This is not a rule, just a helpful reminder.

Genemarked Pheromones

These do not stack with Tailored Pheromones.

Lockpick Set

Lockpick Sets are required to use the Locksmithing skill to open locks, including maglocks. A Locksmithing Toolkit is not required to open maglocks.


When an autonomous medkit rolls Rating x 2 to heal, treat it as if it had First Aid skill equal to it's rating.

Multiprogram Operating System (MOS)

This item does not stack with the Datajack Plus and is limited to running Common and Hacking Cyberprograms. This excludes agent programs from running on the device.

Nixdorf Sekretar

The agent that comes preloaded on Nixdorf Sekretars can only access the Computer skill.

Portable Chemical Injectors

Use the following stats for the portable chemical injectors (p.176, Chrome Flesh):

Wrist3 doses4500¥
Thigh5 doses6750¥
Harness10 doses10R2500¥

Press Pass

These are tied to a SIN. How far they will get a character and how closely that character will be watched is entirely up to GM fiat.

Spirit Tuxedo

The conjurer receives one service upon a successful summoning, and the conjurer must continue wearing the outfit in order to command the spirit and to benefit from its services. If the conjurer removes the outfit, the spirit gets upset and will not perform any further services until the conjurer puts the outfit back on and issues a new command.

Self-Destruct Odd Mod

A self-destruct module may be installed in any item with a Device Rating, or enough electronics that it can be assumed to have one, so long as the item is larger than a minigrenade. The module must be integrated into the device it is installed in, and thus under the control of the device's owner.

Any device that could reasonably survive the detonation of a fragmentation grenade, such as a vehicle, soaks the damage instead of simply vanishing. Devices that physically survive the detonation are still rendered inoperable until repaired, regardless of the amount of damage soaked.

Tailored Perfume/Cologne

Tailored Perfumes and Colognes stack with either Tailored Pheromones or Genemarked Pheromones, whichever is applicable.

Yerz Kit

It's a toolkit for self-installing the Yerzed Out mod from Rigger 5. Characters still pay the full price of the modification.


Mercury Alpha Signal Booster

As a clarification, the passive mode provides 4 noise reduction.

PI-TAC Accessories

The Hardcase and Signal Booster accessories, as well as their variants, may be used without a PI-TAC.

Surplus PI-TACs

The maximum discount allowed on the hub is 50%, and replacement parts cost 5% of the normal price per part.

Disguising Gear

Gear can be disguised as something similar for 25% of the base cost. This incurs a -2 penalty against tests to see through the disguise and identify the actual item. If the item is examined for an extended amount of time (more than 10 seconds), this advantage is lost.

Alchemical and Magic Items

Alchemical Tools


This tool requires the Spray Guns skill to be used offensively.

Vault of Ages

This tool can be filled in downtime but cannot use Edge on downtime rolls. The reference to “Magic of Creator” is to be interpreted as “Rating of the Vault”.

Vault of Ages are the same size as a medkit of the same rating and can be transported as such.


Astral Bond

Unavailable, also irrelevant due to Core rules.

Baobhan’s Tears


Drain Away

Drain Away is banned from use on Runnerhub.

HMHVV II Inhibitor

Unavailable to players under normal circumstances.

Alchemical Preparations

Lightning Blade

Please note that very few modern armors are metal; chainmail and mil-spec are the entirety of the list.


Unless gathered or created by the character using them, all Refined and Radical Reagents will be of the Baseline Quality. GM fiat for quality and tapping out. Remember that anything in the Seattle metroplex will be high competition territory.

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