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The Runnerhub House Rules are custom rules which streamline the game experience for players and GMs alike, with a particular focus on reducing bookkeeping, improving game balance, and clarifying ambiguous editing by CGL. The House Rules are created by our Rules Division, and are in part sourced from the community. If you have a question of concern about the rules, please feel free to submit a ticket or ask questions in the #rules-questions channel on Discord.

Runnerhub uses non-optional gameplay rules as detailed in official Shadowrun 5th Edition material. In the event of a ruling conflict, Runnerhub House Rules take precedence over the official published rules. Occasionally, new House Rules will be added, and changes will be announced in a regular update post on /r/Runnerhub.

Which Shadowrun material is used on RunnerHub?

Runnerhub allows use of all official Shadowrun 5E books and supplements. Exceptions to this will be listed explicitly below.

What books do I need?

Generally, you should always have access to the books that you are using content from.

Due to the expansive nature of the available Shadowrun material, not every GM will have access to all content themselves. Should any questions arise, every player is expected to be able to present the actual rules text for any content they are using when asked by a GM.

This doesn't necessarily mean you need to buy an entire book if you're only using a single piece of content from it, but you need to somehow be able to look up the rules text and share it with the GM if necessary.

If you're not able to get access to the rules text for something, don't use it.

Custom Content

Players can only use content that is included in the official Shadowrun 5E books and supplements or Runnerhub House Rules (including contacts).

Unofficial, custom or homebrewed content as well as content from previous Shadowrun editions cannot be used by players on Runnerhub.

This limitation does not extend to GMs - a GM can, for example, use critters published in Shadowrun 4E material in their games.

Newly Released Material

Newly released material in sourcebooks and supplements are subject to a review period, typically 30 days but sometimes longer, by the relevant division. Approved rules content falls under the purview of Rules Division, while Thematic Division is responsible for approving new lore.

Content which has not been reviewed and approved should not be used by players or GMs. If it is unclear whether or not a new book's content has been approved, please contact the relevant division.


Official materials also include any errata that are released for Shadowrun 5E material.

New errata posted by CGL's Errata team must be vetted by RD and the GM community first.

Specific Exceptions

There are some things that Runnerhub does not use. These are specific and targeted, and when we have a reason that can be fully articulated, it will be published. Sometimes, the reasons are due to complexity that the Hub cannot handle where a home table can. Where possible, bookkeeping has been automated on the main Runnerhub subreddit; some bookkeeping is more complex than a thread can handle, and that can be why some published items are not allowed.

Specific Books

The contents of the sourcebooks and supplements listed below are not in use on Runnerhub, except where noted.

  • Lockdown
    • The contents of this supplement are not available for use by players.
  • Court of Shadows
  • Book of the Lost
    • The Lion and Wise Raven mentors, as well as the Trompe L'oeil commlink, are in use.
  • Shadowrun 2050 (5th Edition)
  • Hong Kong Sourcebook
  • German-exclusive content from the 5th Edition Core Rulebook, Street Grimoire, Rigger 5.0, and Run Faster.
  • German-exclusive content including, but not limited to Schattenhandbuch and Schattenhandbuch 2
    • Some sections of the State of the Art ADL book are currently in use, as per the Traditions and Weapons sections of the house rules.
  • Krime Katalog
    • Metahuman adaption is ignored on the RunnerHub
    • Any Recoil Compensation listed in parenthesis apply to weapons with their intergral mods (bipods, folding stocks) deployed. Otherwise their base RC is 0
    • Listed Recoil Compensation values include bonuses from pre-installed mods and accessories.
    • This book lists normal Recoil Compensation values as negative numbers. The negative sign can be ignored.

Underage Players, Characters, & Content Policy

All Players and Player Characters must be at least 18 years old.

Violation of this policy will result in immediate punitive action.

All players on Runnerhub must be at least 18 years old. Violation of this policy will result in being banned until your 18th birthday. Any players who were <18 years old when this rule came into effect (Jan 1, 2022) may be grandfathered in; please send a ModMail to /r/Runnerhub to be grandfathered in before Jan 1, 2022. A player who is still <18 years old must ensure that the GM and any other players interacting with them are aware that the player is underage. Failure to inform GMs or other players of a character or player's underage status is not acceptable.

Additionally, all player characters must be 18 years old in-game. There are no grey areas due to player country, character metatype, setting lore, or other caveats - all player characters must be 18 years old. Violation of this policy will also result in immediate punitive action. If a character was created before this rule came into effect and is <18 years old, they must immediately be changed to be at least 18.

NPCs may be <18 years old, but any content that sexualizes a minor or involves a minor in sexual content must immediately be retconned and the Interpersonal Division notified.

This policy includes all RunnerHub community areas, including but not limited to RunnerHub subreddits, RunnerHub Discord servers, and GMs’ tables.

This policy is non-negotiable in accordance with the Terms of Service of both Reddit and Discord.

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