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GM AAR Guide

As a new GM it can be quite daunting to begin laying out a AAR, below is a layout that can be used or can be a good start for creating your own layout.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended to be exactly that, a guide. A helping hand if you are having trouble getting started or getting something down on paper. Every GM will have their own ways of putting down the details of the run and you shouldn't feel you need to restrict yourself to just the method we suggest.


In this area you will need to include the link to your run on the main Runnerhub Reddit as well as a link to your Run Proposal. For example,

[Job Posting](Link to the run goes in these brackets)
[Run Proposal](Link to the prop goes in these brackets)

You may also want to include a brief summary of the run which is only one or two sentences long for ease of reference when scanning AARs in the future.


In this area include the name of the runners, the players Reddit name and label if the person was worth GMP. For example,

You might also want to link the character sheet you were provided as well. For example,

* /u/______, as [Mr. X.](Character Sheet) +1 GMP(Fewer than 5 runs on the Hub/Over 2 weeks since last game)


In this area you will need to include what happened in the run covering all the important details. Splitting this up into seperate headings for each part of the run can help lay it out better. For example,

  • Meet:
  • Contact legwork:
  • Physical legwork:
  • Matrix legwork:
  • Astral legwork:
  • Go Time:
  • The Handoff:
Mission Rewards an Expenses:

In this area you will need to include what the overall rewards for the runners were, what each of them purchased, working for the people or man as well as any qualities earned and other important details the runners may have received. For example,

Base Rewards:
4 karma + 14,000 Nuyen

Mr X.: 6,000 + 6 Karma(WFTP 8,000->2 Karma), Ares alpha, flash pack, armor jacket, gained the negative quality Bad Rep notes below.
Run Time:

In this area all you have to include is the overall time it took for the run to be completed.

GM Rewards:

In this area you need to include the rewards you the GM are getting for this run along with which characters you allocated your GMP to. Note that undecided is acceptable. As a reminder, the GMP earned can be converted to Nuyen or Karma, at a rate of 1 GMP being equal to either 1 Karma or 2,000 Nuyen. You do not have to convert it at this time.

This is also a good place to keep track of how much total GMP you have unassigned, and to declare which characters you are spending it on when the time comes.

GM Spending:

Any karma, nuyen, or favor expenditures you choose to perform for your characters at this moment. Note that you may still need a Gm if rolls are necessary.


In this area you need to include any important notes that weren’t included in the main body. This is also the area for any other notes you the GM feel would be important for TD to look over.

This can include how you felt the run went, any thoughts on what you may have been happy or unhappy with, or explanations of why something happened on the run that may not be clear from the main run body.

Hub Fodder:

In this area you should include the fallout from the run and give inspiration for other GMs.

This often includes which organisations (Finnigan Mafia, Halloweeners gang, Horizon Corporation etc.) benefited or were harmed by the run. It is also a good place to detail important individual NPCs whose lives/schemes may have been impacted by the run.

Reddit Friendly Template for Copy/Pasting





 * /u/_______, as [Runner 1](link to character sheet)
 * /u/_______, as [Runner 2](link to character sheet)
 * /u/_______, as [Runner 3](link to character sheet)
 * /u/_______, as [Runner 4](link to character sheet)
 * /u/_______, as [Runner 5](link to character sheet)





#####Run Time



#####Mission Rewards and Expenses



#####GM Rewards



#####GM Spending






#####Hub Fodder


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