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Essence Loss and Burning Out

If a character's Magic or Resonance attribute reaches 0, they are permanently burned out. This means that they have lost their magical or technomancer abilities and cannot raise the Magic or Resonance attribute above 0 again (see p.250, SR5 and errata).

During character creation, apply any special attribute points or karma used to raise either of these attributes before applying reductions from Essence loss.

After character creation (i.e. in play), the Karma cost for raising the Magic attribute is based on the attribute’s current rating, after any reductions from Essence loss have been applied.

Living Personas

Living Personas and Noise

When in a situation in which the Noise Rating (excluding Noise from distance) is higher than the Living Persona’s device rating (i.e. Resonance) it cannot use wireless functionality – that is, the character can’t use any Matrix or Resonance actions through wireless connections. Matrix or Resonance actions through direct connections are not affected.

Living Personas on the Matrix

A character’s persona exists in the Matrix as long as they are conscious, unless they deliberately jack out. The persona disappears if the character falls unconscious, as per CRB235, except if link-locked in hotsim VR.

Link-locked personas in hotsim VR take physical biofeedback resisted solely with Willpower, otherwise, the persona is switched to AR and gracefully logged out.

Resonance Actions

Resonance Actions do not suffer penalties from Noise, unless stated otherwise in the description of the specific action. Specifically, the Threading action is affected by Noise penalties.

Direct Connections

Characters can establish direct connections to devices when using gear that has the capability to do so and has incurred any amount of Essence loss.

Characters cannot establish direct connections devices via trodes unless they have the Skinlink echo. The Skinlink echo allows them to gain a direct connection to devices with hard-to-access UDP jacks and be less conspicuous.

Complex Forms

The maximum number of Complex Forms allowed at gen are equal to the character's Resonance * 2. The number of complex forms after gen is unlimited.

All Forms

For all CRB, Chrome Flesh, and Data Trails Fading values, subtract 3 from the value: L+4 becomes L+1 and L+2 becomes L-1 and so on. This does not apply to Fading Values outside of the Core Rule Book, Chrome Flesh, and Data Trails.


Editor can bypass the encryption on a file, but not data bombs attached to it. This means that any data bombs attached to the target file need to be defused first, or will trigger when attempting to use Editor on the file.

When targeting a file with intact encryption, the level Editor is threaded at needs to be at least equal to the file's encryption rating.

If used to copy an encrypted file, the copy is not encrypted.


The same Complex Form cannot be used more than once in a single Hyperthread, and Complex Forms in the same Hyperthread do not affect each other.

Misread Marks

IC affected by this Complex Form target a random persona/icon/device/etc. in the Host that the casting character has marks on, for the number of actions as specified in RAW. The four marks on the casting character has on their own persona and any marks they have on the Host itself are ignored.


In order for the Complex Form 'Overdrive' to work on a piece of 'ware, the 'ware must be wireless on. The total Resonance restored by this stream's Daemon is equal to half the Submersion Grade of the character, rounded up. Resonance is not restored by this amount every time the character Submerges, but the amount does change if the Submersion Grade does.

Pulse Storm

The duration of this Complex Form is Sustained.

Host Emulator

This Complex Form is banned, due to incredibly confusing and nonsensical rules.

Primed Charge

Only 1 Primed Charge can apply to your next Matrix Action.


Dissonant Echoes

All dissonant echoes are banned for player use.

Draining Spike

This echo cannot heal Fade, and only works on personas.

Mind over Machine

Despite functioning as a Control Rig, this Echo does not grant a datajack or any length of UC Cable.


Despite functioning as a Control Rig, this Echo does not grant a datajack or any length of UC Cable.

Neural Synergy

This echo is subject to the augmented maximum, if relevant.


The area of effect for this echo is centered on the character’s physical body, and the effect is also applied to the character using it.

Resonance [Program]

This Echo can be activated and deactivated as a Free Action, and characters may concurrently run as many Resonance programs as they want.

Active Resonance programs can be revealed with a successful Matrix Perception roll on the attached Living Persona. The regular rules for Matrix Perception still apply.

The Virtual Machine program cannot be taken as a Resonance program

Resonance Riding

Characters may utilize other echoes while using this one. Resonance programs may be used in parallel to programs on the cyberdeck and do not take up program slots on the cyberdeck, however, users of this Echo may still only run one instance of any given program at the same time.

Resonance Scream

The area of effect for this echo is centered on the character’s physical body, and the effect is also applied to the character using it.

Will of the Resonance

This echo is subject to the augmented maximum, if relevant.

Sprites and Sprite Powers


Each task allows one combat turn's worth of actions. When not in initiative, GMs are advised to allow three actions per task, to best represent the average number of passes a sprite would roll as per CRB254.

Active Analytics

This power alerts the user when their OS is 30, instead of 35

Assist Threading

A character can only benefit from a single Assist Threading task on a single Threading action.


Sprites have mental attributes according to their matrix attributes, like a technomancer. Their skill ranks in trained skills are equal to their Level.

Condition Monitors, Overwatch Score, Marks

Sprites have their own condition monitors, Overwatch scores, and marks. Owners and sprites do not share marks, and must place their own marks on devices they wish to affect.

Entering Hosts

Sprites can follow their owner into a Host without having a mark on the Host themselves by tunneling in through Resonance channels as a Complex Action. This action requires the owner to order the sprite to follow them into the Host, and spends one of the tasks available in doing so.

Keep in mind that being in a host without a mark is very dangerous in the case of detection.


This power cannot target Hosts and the ownership privilege it provides over devices is the same as normal ownership (i.e. 4 marks).


The final sentence of Sacrifice should read: "... the target takes no matrix damage during the combat turn that the sprite uses this power."


Diagnostics may never be used on Cyberware.

Sprite Registration Limit

Technomancers may choose the higher of LOG or CHA to determine the maximum amount of sprites you may have registered.


The Karma cost to submerge is (10 + (New Grade x 3)). This cost cannot be reduced by ordeals, solo submersion runs or similar.

The test to submerge is an extended Software + Intuition [Resonance] (New Submersion Grade, 7 days) test. The new Submersion grade is gained once the total time for the test has passed. This time can be interrupted (e.g. by runs), and during this time the character may concurrently bind or register Sprites, improve a Contact, or perform similar advancements that require time.

Alternatively, the character can bypass this test by going on a solo Submersion run. In this case, the character gains the new Submersion grade upon successful completion of the run. The character then must wait 7 days to Submerge again. Mechanics aside, solo Submersion runs are also a great way to do some character development.



The total Resonance restored by this stream's Daemon is equal to half the Submersion Grade of the character, rounded up, with a maximum of ([Resonance Lost]-[Essence Lost to Non-Cyberware Sources]) rounded down. Changes to a character's Submersion Grade, Resonance Lost, or Essence Lost to Non-Cyberware Sources update this restored Resonance in real time, instead of at each Submersion.

Dissonant Streams

All Dissonant Streams are not available for player usage.


Machinists receive a Sharing rating equal to their Charisma. This functions like Sharing on a physical RCC and may be used for autosofts and autosoft-like programs only, never cyberprograms.


Paragons will remain karma costless for an initial period. If it is observed this is causing balance issues, Rules will revisit.

Virtual Tribes

Runnerhub does not currently allow Magical Groups to help reduce Initiation costs, and so Virtual Tribes will not be able to reduce Submersion costs.

Flash Tribes

When summoning/calling a flash tribe, the number of dice the flash tribe rolls for teamwork gain is equal to (Dice pool / Leadership threshold) * 3

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