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Rules / Augmentation


General Rulings

Bonuses from multiple of the same type of augmentation do not stack, unless explicitly specified.

Augmentations that are obviously outside of the metahuman norm (e.g. cybertails, extreme body modifications, etc.) may impose social penalties at GM discretion.

Cyberimplant Weapon Foci are allowed, but may not be upgraded using the Foci or Cyberware upgrade rules, they must be replaced and re-bound outright. When selling a previously implanted weapon focus, the item must be fenced, with the base price determined by the combined cost of the cyberware, calculated as used, and the focus. They are hidden from visual detection like regular implant weaponry, but are still obvious to astral perception without the use of Masking. Bio-Weaponry cannot be made into weapon foci.

When using a ranged cyberweapon, use the weapon skill normally associated with the weapon - Automatics, Longarms, Pistols, or the appropriate Exotic Ranged Weapon skill.

Augmentation Grades

Deltaware may be purchased using the standard rules for acquiring gear. The roll must be made by a contact that could plausibly acquire delta-grade cyberware. Failed rolls for deltaware are subject to a waiting period of double their normal delivery time before attempting another roll. The optional Gamma and Omega augmentation grades introduced in Chrome Flesh, as well as the Greyware augmentation grade introduced in Better than Bad, are not available to player characters.

Upgrading Cyberware and Bioware

Installed Cyberware, Nanoware, and Bioware can be upgraded to a better Grade (if applicable) or Rating, though the upgrade processes cannot be performed simultaneously.

To increase the Rating of a piece of ‘ware, the character must succeed on a standard Availability roll as though they were purchasing the piece of ‘ware in question outright, but they only pay the difference in cost between the old and new Rating. Delivery times for the upgrade are the same as if the ‘ware was purchased brand new. ‘Ware can be upgraded from any Rating to any higher Rating, with no need to buy the intervening steps.

Increasing the Grade of a piece of ‘ware works similarly to upgrading Rating. The character must first succeed at a standard Availability roll as though they were purchasing a new piece of ‘ware, and if successful the cost of the upgrade is the difference between old and new. The delivery time of the upgraded ‘ware is the same as if the new Grade of ‘ware was purchased brand new, and surgery damage is also the same as if installing the new Grade as a brand-new piece of ‘ware.


Active Hardwires

This cyberware is available as Rating 1 to Rating 6.

Antenna Grill

Remember that this piece of 'ware requires an implanted commlink or cyberdeck to be of any use, as per the description. Obviously, you need to have the right parts - at least one tusk - as well. Ork/Troll Poseurs can have this installed if they have the Tusks bioware.


Hacked AutoVoice augmentations can be used to disguise or mimic voices and noises as per the rules for the Voice Modulator in the CRB. The listing for “Audiotune” on NF176 is supposed to be “AutoVoice”.


Eyeware installed directly may be transferred to cybereyes provided the eyeware is of equal or greater grade than the cybereyes.


The Datajack is treated as a Rating 0 Datajack Plus for the purposes of the Cyberware upgrade rules, and may be upgraded in rating accordingly.

Datajack Plus

The programs loaded onto a DJ+ are chosen by the player, with the exception of Nuke-From-Orbit and Cry Wolf; both programs are plainly unavailable through purchase of a DJ+. Having a DJ+ does not stack with Multiprogram Operating System, and multiple DJ+es do not grant extra programs. Configurator does not swap the programs loaded in a Datajack Plus.


The -10 penalty applies to all non-matrix, and non-resonance actions.

False Face

When installed in a cyberlimb the False Face takes up 2 capacity slots, not 8, but only grants a bonus when installed in a Synthetic or Obvious Full Cyberskull.

Implanted Commlinks / Cyberdecks

Cyberware grade only affects the cost of implanting a cyberdeck or commlink, not the cost of the cyberdeck or commlink to be implanted.

Internal Router

This piece of ‘ware can only provide wireless functionality for a character’s cyberware and devices with a direct physical connection, such as a smartgun system connected to a datajack via a cable. Wired Reflexes and Reaction Enhancers can be used together via an Internal Router.

Whether or not an individual wireless bonus applies through the Internal Router is up to GM discretion, but in general anything that gives a character better action economy is preserved (such as changing firing modes as a Free Action or turning Wired Reflexes on/off as a Free Action), while anything that grants a dice pool bonus still requires the device to run wireless.

Liminal Body: Centaur

Liminal Body(Centaur) is a torso mod. It has 80 capacity, and replaces the players existing legs with 4 stock, uncustomized, legs with 3 Strength, 3 Agility, and the same grade as the torso. Cyberlegs attached to the liminal body cost no essence. Any modification or replacement of these legs is done as normal. When averaging the player’s stats, all 4 legs are averaged in. For example, an otherwise standard human would average whole body strength and agility as (Arm + Arm + Body + Leg + Leg + Leg + Leg) / 7.

Ocular Drone

The -3 penalty applies to all tasks except Vehicle Actions made with the drone.

One-Shot Dartgun

This cyber-implant weapon is missing stats for Essence / Capacity cost, Availability, and price. Until the release of an official errata, use the following stats:


Retractable Climbing Claws

Each pair of Retractable Climbing Claws provides a +1 dice pool bonus to all Climbing tests.


The cost for a skilljack is (Rating * 1000) nuyen. The essence cost is a flat .1 essence.


Skillwires cost 0.1 ESS per rating, as per the German rules.

Targeting Laser

Bonuses from this piece of ‘ware can only be applied to weapons that would normally be able to mount a laser sight – thrown weapons, in particular, do not receive the bonuses.



Keeping in mind that the augmented attribute maximum also applies to cyberlimbs, the maximum bonus to a cyberlimb’s (customized) attribute cannot exceed +4, unless mentioned otherwise.

When calculating Physical Limit, use the average Strength of all a character’s limbs plus their torso: [(Right Arm STR + Left Arm STR + Right Leg STR + Left Leg STR + Torso STR) / 5], while the calculation for Physical limit is [((STR * 2) + REA + BOD) / 3], rounded up.

When calculating Movement Rate, use the average Agility of both of a character's legs and their torso: [(Left Leg AGI + Right Leg AGI + Torso AGI) / 3], rounded up.

For example, a character possessing a single Cyberarm with 9 Strength and a natural Strength of 2 would average these numbers together ([(2 + 2 + 2 + 9 + 2) / 5]) and use the result of 3.4 in calculating their Physical limit. With that same character, who also possesses two Cyberlegs with 8 Agility and a natural Agility of 3, they would average their Agility scores together ([(8 + 8 + 3)/3]) for a result of 6.33, which then is rounded up to 7, and makes their Walk/Run rates 14 and 28, respectively.

The head/skull, whether physical or cyber, should not be accounted when deciding physical limits or attributes for tests.

Keep in mind the official rules for tasks that involve more than one limb. Which tasks involve what limbs is up to GM discretion, since there are far too many possible cases to provide a complete list.

Cyberlimbs may only be added as replacements for existing limbs.

Cyberlimb Optimization

Cyberlimb Optimization may be taken on any cyberlimb and applies if the limb is used for the skill. Skills permitted are all Combat Active, Physical Active, Non-Matrix Technical, Vehicle Skills (when physically driving) and Performance. When used with weapon skills, it will apply to the weapon's accuracy.

Limbs should be considered involved in tests unless they clearly aren't - legs are involved in using weapons wielded in your hands as long as you are standing up and on your feet, all limbs will be involved in performance or disguise tests except where they're entirely unseen, and torsos are involved in almost all tests.

Cyberlimb Enhancement: Armor

Cyber hands / feet cannot receive the Armor Enhancement. Cyber lower arms / legs can receive the Armor Enhancement at a maximum rating of 1. All other forms of cyberlimbs have no restrictions on the use of the Armor Enhancement.

Cyberlimb Upgrades

As with upgrading cyberlimbs themselves, modifications to cyberlimbs can have their Grade increased. An upgraded cyberlimb’s availability will be equal to the highest availability of a modification in the limb, or of the limb itself, whichever is higher.

Calculating the price of cyberlimb upgrades follows the same formula as increasing cyberware grades, with the difference that the costs involved are the sum total of both the limb and all contained upgrades.

It is also possible to change customizations as part of this process.


Partial Cyberskulls may be upgraded into Synthetic or Obvious Full Cyberskulls as per the "Upgrading Cyberware and Bioware" rules.

Modular Cyberlimbs

When a Cyberlimb has a Modular Connector, the attached modular lower limb/hand/foot uses the larger limb’s attributes, rather than needing its own attributes or averaging the two together.


Chemical Gland

Gradual Release modification is banned.

The following drugs and toxins are legal for use in a chemical gland:

  • Drugs: AEXD, Aisa, Betel, Bliss, Cereprax, Cram, Dopadrine, eX, Forget-Me-Not, G3, Guts, Jazz, Kamikaze, Long Haul, Nightwatch, Nitro, Novacoke, Oxygenated Flourocarbons, Push, Psyche, Red Mescaline, Slab, Sober Time, Soothsayer, Snuff Zen, Zero, Zone
  • Toxins: Aconite, Atropine, Chloral Hydrate, Chloroform, CS/Tear Gas, Dog Asp Venom, Dread, Gamma-Scopolamine, Narcoject, Nausea Gas, Neuro-Stun, Pepper Punch, Picrotoxin, Recuronium, Seven-7, Tetrodotoxin.

Muscle Toner & Muscle Augmentation

Bonuses from drugs stack with Muscle Toner and Muscle Augmentation up to the +4 Augmented Maximum.

Nephritic Screens

Nephritic Screens reduce the duration of a drug by [interval] amount per Rating. For example, an R1 Nephritic Screen would reduce the duration of Psyche by 1 hour, while the same Nephritic Screen would reduce the duration of Kamikaze by 10 minutes.

It is possible for Nephritic Screens to reduce the duration of a drug to 0 in this manner, even if the drug states it has a minimum duration. In this case, no Addiction test is made and the user suffers no crash effects.

Reproductive Replacement

Characters may have whatever reproductive system their players wish without having to purchase bioware but may take Reproductive Replacement if they so choose.

Striking Callus

The damage bonus only applies to unarmed attacks using the callus, but not other attacks using unarmed combat (e.g. shock gloves, cyber-implants, etc.), and stacks with the bonus damage from Bone Lacing cyberware or Bone Density Augmentation bioware.

The DV bonus from striking calluses is capped at +1


The basic version of this augmentation uses the same rules as the Balance Tail cyberware (Chrome Flesh pg 82). The Prehensile Tail bioware uses the same rules as the Prehensile Tail Metagenetic Quality (Run Faster pg 115).

Vocal Expansion

The fluff reflects the base Availability of this item, not the requirement to obtain it in Beta or Delta grades.


Allergy Resistance

30 days after buying this symbiote for a character, the related Allergy can be bought off at no Karma cost. However, if the symbiotes are removed at a later time, the character immediately regains the related Allergy quality.



All Nanoware and Nanogear on Chrome Flesh listed as F availability is instead availability R, with the exception of the following items, which remain F:

  • Dynamic Handprints
  • Retinal Adjusters
  • Newprint
  • NanoSpy
  • Cutters
  • Intruders

Hard Nanites

Nanites cannot be reprogrammed into a different class of nanite – Taggants cannot become Implant Medics. Changing the settings of a character’s nanites – such as instructing nanotats to rearrange themselves - is a Free Action. The process still takes a few minutes to complete but does not require conscious effort (or even consciousness) after the action is taken.

Implant Medic

Repairs performed by these nanites work as referenced and described on CRB228. Note that this function is an exception to the rules on repairing gear.

Nanogear Table

The column headers for the Nanogear table, p.154 Chrome Flesh, are incorrect. They should read “Nanogear | Type | Availability | Cost”.


Treatment Times

Genetech with a listed treatment time of less than a month instead requires a week of real-time to install. All other Genetech requires two weeks of real time to install.

Multiple genetech treatments can be performed simultaneously.

During the treatment, characters cannot go on runs or perform any other downtime activities but are free to interact with other characters in Datahaven threads or IC chat from the safety of their vat.


This genetech may be bought post-chargen, and stacks with Biocompatibility (Cyberware). It is retroactive; Cyberware upgrades will leave an "Essence Hole" due to the reduced Essence cost of the new Cyberware.

Adapsin changes ‘ware grade multipliers as follows without directly reducing the cost of implants:

  • Used: x1.1
  • Standard: x0.9
  • Alphaware: x0.7
  • Betaware: x0.6
  • Deltaware: x0.4

When combined with Biocompatibility (Cyberware), the grade multipliers change as below without directly reducing the cost of the implants:

  • Used: x1.0
  • Standard: x0.8
  • Alphaware: x0.6
  • Betaware: x0.5
  • Deltaware: x0.4

Cellular Repair

This genetech is intended as a nuyen-based method of removing the Blighted quality in one go. As such, characters who purchase this treatment may remove the Blighted quality for free.


For each dose past the first, treat the toxin's power as half it's base value, before cumulative dose bonuses. For example, a player with Immunization to CS/Tear Gas who is exposed to 3 consecutive doses would soak 0 stun, 4 stun, and then 5 stun.

Reaction Optimization

The +1 Initiative from this geneware is considered part of the Reaction Enhancers augmentation, so it stacks with the Initiative dice from Wired Reflexes whenever their Reaction bonuses would stack.

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