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Drone Repairs

The vehicle repair rules introduced in Rigger 5.0 (p.29) are not used on Runnerhub. Refer to the rules on repairing gear instead.

Drone Modifications

Drones are modified according to the rules on pg121 of Rigger 5. Installing or Removing a modification is always a [Logic + Mechanic (Type)] Extended Test with an interval of 1 hour. The threshold of this test is 4 for any Drone Mod. Vehicle Modifications use their individual listed tests and thresholds - see the see the Installing Advanced Modifications section in the house rules.

The modification(s) can be performed by the character, a public drone shop, or through a contact. The initial installation of a modification after purchase can be handled by the seller.

Standard Upgrades

Legal or Restricted drones with stock Forbidden mods use only the drone's listed availability code. This does not apply to Forbidden modifications (including Forbidden weapons in an otherwise legal mount) made in addition to stock modifications.

Attribute Upgrades

One attribute per drone may be increased without spending a mod point, but that attribute cannot be the Body or Pilot attributes.

Drone Handling

If a drone has more than one handling attribute, upgrading Handling upgrades both versions by the same amount. The cost is based on the cost of upgrading the higher value of Handling.

Attribute Downgrades

A drone can endure a downgrade of any attribute, except the Body and Pilot attributes, to receive a maximum of 1 mod point from the downgrade. Downgrading a drone is a [Logic + Mechanic (Type)] Extended Test with a threshold of 8.

Attribute Modifications


The Body attribute of a drone may be modified to gain mod points at a rate of 2 mod points per point of Body, with an Availability of three times the base number of mod points gained. These mod points are in addition to any mod points gained through downgrades, and are not subject to the same limit. The Body attribute cannot be lowered below half of the drone’s starting Body, as per pg123 of Rigger 5.


Drone armor follows the same rules as vehicle armor, with one exception in the case of anthrodrones.

Drone Weapon Mounts

A drone must have a base Body attribute of at least 2, before any modifications, to support a weapon mount. As with all other drone modifications, installing a drone mount from Rigger 5 requires following all other rules in Rigger 5. This may result in some drones which were equipped with mounted ARs needing a downgrade to SMGs.

Micro weapon mounts are not allowed. Anthro drones are the only drone type which can use melee weapons with a reach greater than 0. Carbines (from Street Lethal) require a Large or better weapon mount.

Ranged Exotic weapons require Large or better weapon mounts, except for Lasers which require a Huge or Heavy weapon mount. Melee Exotic weapons with reach 0 may go on mini weapon mounts.

The MCT-Nissan Rotodrone has 3 extra mod points to spend only on weapon mounts & mount options.

Drone Weapon Mount Costs

Other Modifications

Modifications in this category may need to be checked by a GM to see whether they are suitable for the drone in question. In unclear situations the GM should ask RD or TD for assistance.

Vehicle Modifications and Enhancements

Per the Missions errata as codified into Runnerhub House Rules, the Vehicle modifications and enhancements listed below may be installed on a drone. Drones have available slots for each category of Vehicle modifications (Powertrain, Electromagnetic, etc.) equal to the Mod Points remaining after any drone-specific modifications have been applied.

  • Spoof Chips
  • Road Strips
    • Not available for drones below Medium size.
  • Tool Kit
    • Not available for drones below Small size.
  • Gliding System
  • Improved Economy
  • Rocket Booster
  • Secondary Propulsion Systems, all types
  • Anti-Theft System
  • Special Armor Modification
  • Drone Rack
    • Must be at least two size categories smaller than the drone, IE: Huge drones can mount up to Medium drone racks
  • Missile Defense System
  • Oil Slick Sprayer
  • Road Strip Ejector
    • Not available for drones below Medium size.
  • Smoke Projector
  • Assembly/Disassembly
  • Chameleon Coating
  • Extreme Environment Modification
  • Nanomaintenance System
  • Smuggling Compartment
  • Valkyrie Module
    • Not available for drones below Large size.
  • Winch
    • Weight capacity is limited by vehicle size
  • Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)
  • Retrans Unit
  • Satellite Link
  • Signature Masking
  • Suncell
  • Touch Sensors
  • Vehicle Tag Eraser
  • Yerzed Out
    • AKA Customized Drone

Software Modifications


Pilot programs may be upgraded after character creation to a higher rating by paying the difference in cost between the old and new ratings. The character must still succeed on a standard Availability roll as if they were purchasing the new Pilot rating outright, and installing the upgrade requires a [Logic + Mechanic (Type)] Extended Test with an interval of 1 hour and a threshold of 4.


This modification does not grant movement on/in water. Adding the Amphibious Secondary Propulsion System from p156 of Rigger 5 is highly recommended.

Realistic Features

All drones may take Realistic Features at Rating 1 only, except drones listed below.

DroneMax RF Rating
[All Anthrodrones]4
[All Huge Drones]0
Ares Arms Sentry V (and Mercury)0
Ares Cheetah2
Ares Duelist3
Ares Matilda0
Ares Mule3
Ares Paladin0
Crashcart "Medicart"0
Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly2
Evo Proletarian0
Ferret RPD-1X0
Festo Pigeon 2.04
Festo Sewer Snake3
MCT Fly Spy4
Medusa Extensions4
Microweave Spider Drone3
Proteus A.G. “KRAKE”2
Renraku Gerbil2
Renraku Job-A-Mat0
Renraku Scuttler Remote Cyberhand4
Shiawase Kanmushi4
Sony Goldfish4
Telestrian Industries Shamus3
Transys Steed0

Single-Shot Grenade

Straps a suicide grenade in a non-obvious fashion to your drone.

Drone Software

Anthrodrones Holding Weapons

Targeting Autosofts used by Anthrodrones also apply when holding weapons that match the autosoft's type, providing ranks in the equivalent weapon skill as they normally would for Gunnery.


A drone may run any rating of autosoft, regardless of its Pilot rating. Autosofts without a [Model] tag are not drone-model specific.

Cyberprograms on Drones

Drones may run all cyberprograms, but may not run Agents. Drones, like RCCs, universally lack Attack and Sleaze ratings, so they cannot make effective use of most hacking programs. Cyberprograms running on a drone use up the same slots as autosofts. This means the maximum number of autosofts and cyberprograms combined running on a drone is equal to its Device rating / 2.

Customization Software (Personality, Linguistics)

The Personality and Linguistics customization software for drones (p.127f, Rigger 5.0) does not use up any program/autosoft slots of a drone.

Drone Sizes

The size ranges for drones listed below can be used as a general guideline to judge a drone's size. They are not binding, for example if a drone's description offers a differing size, that description takes precedence over the size ranges below. Generally, the GM should decide whether a drone is large or small enough to have a significant effect in a specific situation.

  • Microdrones (Body 0): Insect sized, less than 10 cm length.
  • Minidrones (Body 1): Size of a large insect or small rodent, can fit in the palm of a hand or pocket, length between 10 to 25 cm.
  • Small Drones (Body 1-3): Can vary in size from a small to a large dog, smaller examples can be hidden on a person's body, length between 25 to 100 cm.
  • Medium Drones (Body 2-5): Can vary in size from a large dog to a motorcycle, generally can't be hidden on a person's body or carried by a regular human, and occupies the equivalent of one seat in a vehicle.
  • Large Drones (Body 2-10): Can vary in size from a motorcycle to small car, generally can't be carried by a regular metahuman, and occupies the equivalent of one or more seats in a vehicle.

Anthropomorphic Drones

When using the drone’s limbs in a way that requires a Strength or Agility attribute (e.g. opening a door with a crowbar) consider the drone’s Strength to be equal to its Body attribute, and its Agility equal to the Pilot attribute. When jumped into an anthrodrone, a character should use their own Logic or Intuition, as applicable, in place of the drone’s Pilot.

Anthro Drones are still drones, and thus still benefit from the effects of vehicle armor, though they may wear any humanoid armor - except in the case of the NeoNet Juggernaut, which may not wear humanoid armor.

Taking Damage With Humanoid Armor

When anthrodrones take damage, if the damage (before soak, but after AP) exceeds the Vehicle Armor, the drone must roll soak, with any damage unsoaked transmitting to their Physical condition monitor. Any damage that would normally always be Stun damage, with the exception of Electrical damage, is ignored.

AP reduces worn humanoid Armor until humanoid Armor and Vehicle Armor are the same value, at which point it begins to reduce both values.

The drone's Strength for the purposes of determining Armor add-on encumbrance is equal to its Body.

In the event that the drone's base Vehicle Armor is higher than the humanoid Armor, the humanoid Armor has no effect.

Anthrodrone Sizes

Anthropomophic drones have the following sizes, which supersede any sizes given in the rulebooks:

  • Ares Duelist is Medium
  • Mitsuhama Akyama is Medium
  • Modified Renraku Manservant-3 is Medium
  • Shiawase Caduceus 7 is Medium
  • Sparring Drone is Medium
  • Criado Juan is Medium
  • Horizon Little Buddy is Small
  • MCT Kenchiku-Kikai is Medium
  • NeoNET Juggernaut is Large
  • S-K Direktionssekretar is Medium
  • Shiawase i-Doll is Medium

Specific Drones

Ares Garuda

The cluster munitions can be of the same types (and have the same stats) as are available for rockets and missiles (p.435, SR5).

Ares KN-Y0

The stat block for the Ares KN-Y1 (Phobos) has all values moved a column to the right. It should read as follows:



The Cybertooth is considered milspec and therefore not allowed. The Junkyard Dog, Roachdrone, RECONdor, and SkySpy are allowed.

Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly

Targeting (Melee) Autosoft is R3.

F-B Bumblebee

This drone is not permitted for use on RunnerHub.

F-B Kull

The Kull’s pair of “bomb rack” pods are capable of carrying 50kg each.

Festo Pigeon

The Festo Pigeon uses the Pilot Aircraft skill.

Festo Sewer Snake

The Festo Sewer Snake uses the Pilot Groundcraft Skill while on land, and the Pilot Watercraft skill when in or on the water.

Horizon Noizquito

The maximum penalty a character may take through Noizquitos is limited to -4, regardless of how many Noizquitos affect them.

Krime Runner

The Krime Runner is a small drone.

Medusa Extensions

These cannot take the Drone Arm modification. However, in the interests of giving them versatility and usability, these drones ignore the House Rule requiring a minimum Body of 2 to install weapon mounts. Owners may install a single Mini Weapon Mount.

Secondly, instead of using the drone’s Mod Points in the standard manner, the owner may instead opt to exchange them at a 1:1 ratio for capacity to install standard gear such as the items listed on page 87 of Run & Gun – not including armor modifications. Taking advantage of this ability requires the approval of CCD (at gen) or a GM (in play).

Mitsuhama Akiyama

Since this is an assassin drone styled to look like a young child, there is a lot of potential for usage that is simply inappropriate in a large, shared community such as Runnerhub. Therefore, TD reserves the right to retroactively deny any purchases of this item in cases of such inappropriate usage.

Proteus Krake

The Krake’s torpedo launcher is an integral weapon with 3 accuracy and uses the integral weapon mount. The launcher uses Missile Launcher range bands and has a 3(ml) magazine

Renraku Scuttler Remote Cyberhand

The cyberhand is subject to all standard cyberware grade modifiers This drone cannot take modifications


  • Handling: 4
  • Speed: 1
  • Accel: 1
  • Body: 1 (1)
  • Armor: 3
  • Pilot: 1
  • Sensor: 2

At purchase, choose if it is obvious or synthetic

Standard Upgrades:

  • Realistic Features - When attached to the owner, use the rules for identifying synthetic cyberware (CRB p. 456) if synthetic. If Obvious, looks visually the same as a Modular Cyberhand. When detached, looks like a crawling hand.

Note: Due to its compact design, this drone cannot receive any drone up- or downgrades.

Smart Firing Platforms

The stat block for Smart Firing Platforms is as follows:


Smart Firing Platforms cannot be modified like drones or vehicles.

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