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Vehicle Crashes

The target, or whatever the vehicle crashes into, must resist damage equal to [Vehicle Body * Speed Multiplier]P AP -6 (R5 177).

The vehicle and any passengers must resist damage equal to [Target/Object’s Hits on Soak Test]P AP -6.

Vehicles soak normally, with [Body + Armor], taking the vehicle armor rules into account. Passengers soak with their [Body + Armor + Vehicle Armor + Passenger Protection System rating], and do not benefit from the special rules for vehicle armor.

Vehicle Modifications

If a modification does not alter the Speed, Handling, Acceleration, Pilot, Sensor, Body, or Armor rating of a vehicle, and the modification exists at multiple ratings, the rating of the modification may be upgraded for the difference in price between the new and old rating.

Basic and Advanced Modifications

Players may make modifications according to the modification rules introduced in Rigger 5.0 (p151), but doing so is not required. Player who do not own Rigger 5, and do not use any modifications from that book, use the basic modification rules from the CRB instead.

However, using any modifications from R5 on a vehicle mean that all modifications on that vehicle must conform to the modification rules in R5. Previous versions of the same modification, such as the smuggling compartments or spoof chips from Stolen Souls and the weapon mounts listed in CRB, are superseded by their R5 counterparts.

When adjusting from CRB to R5 modification rules, the cost of any superseded modifications is fully refunded before the new modification from R5 is purchased at full cost.

Standard Upgrades

Modifications that are listed as standard in the vehicle’s stat block (or on p.155, Rigger 5.0 for vehicles from SR5) do not use up any of the vehicle’s mod slots and are already factored into the attribute ratings of the vehicle. For example, a Toyota Gopher has standard Off-Road Suspension. The +1 to handling off-road and -1 to handling on-road are already reflected in its Handling score of 5/5.

Legal or Restricted vehicles with stock Forbidden mods use only the vehicle's listed availability code. This does not apply to Forbidden modifications (including Forbidden weapons in an otherwise legal mount) made in addition to stock modifications.


This and GridGuide are considered to be two facets of the same system, much like the Smartgun system and the Smartlink. Vehicles using the Rigger 5 rules (vehicles from that book or using modifications from that book) come standard with GridLink at no additional cost, even if it is not listed in their entry, unless they are a throwback, a Big Bob’s vehicle, or otherwise specifically lacking GridLink. Characters which have previously bought a GridLink system for a vehicle which has the system as standard equipment may refund the full purchase price of the modification.

GridLink can be overridden with Gridlink Override, Manual Override, or Rigger Interface modifications. It is a good idea to have at least one of these modifications if the owning character wants to avoid any situation where the vehicle might be remotely controlled by the authorities – such as a car chase or rolling firefight.

Ejection Seats

This modification uses the following stats:

Ejection Seat210ShopArmorer8R800¥
w/ Parachute+1+2ShopArmorer8R+200¥

Body Modifications

Nanomaintenance System

This modification allows characters to repair a vehicle between runs at no cost, like a garage, in addition to its RAW functionality.

Weapon Modifications

Drone Racks

Drone Racks are immediately visible when installed, but without looking inside or performing a detailed scan, characters only know that the modification exists.

Manual Weapon Mounts

Manual and Armored Manual Weapon Mounts may be operated with the mounted weapon's normal skill in place of Gunnery.

Electromagnetic Modifications

Pilot Enhancement

The description of this modification incorrectly states that Pilot programs can have a rating of 1 to 9, this should be 1 to 6.

Cosmetic Modifications

Metahuman Adjustment

This modification, and the penalty to all non-human metatypes introduced in its description, are not used on Runnerhub.


This modification is required for a character to live in a vehicle, per the Lifestyle rules.

Vehicle Repairs

The vehicle repair rules introduced in Rigger 5.0 (p.29) are not used on Runnerhub. Refer to the section on repairing gear instead.

Advanced Driving Rules

The Advanced Driving Rules introduced in Rigger 5.0 (p.173 - 182) can be used on Runnerhub, but are considered to be optional due to their complexity. GMs that intend to use them are encouraged to note that fact in their job postings, and players who intend to use them should ask permission from the GM first.

Vehicle Armor

Vehicle (and drone) Armor is not hardened armor; however, the DV of an attack (before soak) must be greater than or equal to the vehicle’s modified armor rating (after AP) to cause damage.

For example, a weapon with a damage code of 7P AP -2 gets 2 net hits, for a total of 9P AP -2, against a vehicle with 12 armor. The vehicle does not need to roll soak as the attack does not exceed the modified armor value of 10 (12-2); the attack simply didn't penetrate and dealt no damage. If the same attack had 3 net hits, the damage code would be 10P AP -2. The physical damage is equal to the vehicles modified Armor value of 10, and so the vehicle rolls soak which is [(Modified Armor) + Body].


Ford Broadcast

The built-in RCC cannot be upgraded.

i8 Interceptor

The i8 Interceptor has an availability of 16R.

Krime Wageslave PMV

The Krime Wageslave PMV does not come with Grid Guide standard. The driver of this vehicle must have a minimum Body + Strength score of 14, otherwise any Maneuver test to do anything other than to drive casually or parallel park has its threshold doubled.

Official Emergency Vehicles

The official emergency vehicles with increased stats, listed on Stolen Souls p187, are not available for purchase by player characters. The following vehicles have the banned variant:

  • Ares Roadmaster
  • Chrysler-Nissan Journey
  • Conestoga Trailblazer
  • Dodge Ram Industrial
  • Espirit Ind. Watcher
  • GMC Endurance
  • GMC Sidewinder
  • Honda Artemis
  • S-K LT-21


Characters who wish to own a watercraft must maintain a Low or better lifestyle to reflect the cost of maintaining and storing the craft.

Aztechnology Profit

The Aztechnology Profit (pg 143 CT) costs ¥530,000.

Krime Barco De Pesca

The Krime Barco De Pesca has Speed 4


Characters who wish to own an aircraft must maintain a Medium or better lifestyle to reflect the cost of maintaining and storing the craft.

Avibras Nissan AN 822

The missing acceleration of this aircraft is 3

Catalina PBY

The turrets on this plane are External/Remote/Flexible. One is located on the nose facing forward, and the remaining two are located at the waist pointing outward.

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