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Vehicle Crashes

The target, or whatever the vehicle crashes into, must resist damage equal to [Vehicle Body * Speed Multiplier]P AP -6 (R5 177).

The vehicle and any passengers must resist damage equal to [Target/Object’s Hits on Soak Test]P AP -6.

Vehicles soak normally, with [Body + Armor], taking the vehicle armor rules into account. Passengers soak with their [Body + Armor + Vehicle Armor + Passenger Protection System rating], and do not benefit from the special rules for vehicle armor.

Vehicle Modifications

If a modification does not alter the Speed, Handling, Acceleration, Pilot, Sensor, Body, or Armor rating of a vehicle, and the modification exists at multiple ratings, the rating of the modification may be upgraded for the difference in price between the new and old rating.

Basic and Advanced Modifications

Players may make modifications according to the modification rules introduced in Rigger 5.0 (p151), but doing so is not required. Player who do not own Rigger 5, and do not use any modifications from that book, use the basic modification rules from the CRB instead.

However, using any modifications from R5 on a vehicle mean that all modifications on that vehicle must conform to the modification rules in R5. Previous versions of the same modification, such as the smuggling compartments or spoof chips from Stolen Souls and the weapon mounts listed in CRB, are superseded by their R5 counterparts.

When adjusting from CRB to R5 modification rules, the cost of any superseded modifications is fully refunded before the new modification from R5 is purchased at full cost.

Standard Upgrades

Modifications that are listed as standard in the vehicle’s stat block (or on p.155, Rigger 5.0 for vehicles from SR5) do not use up any of the vehicle’s mod slots and are already factored into the attribute ratings of the vehicle. For example, a Toyota Gopher has standard Off-Road Suspension. The +1 to handling off-road and -1 to handling on-road are already reflected in its Handling score of 5/5.

Legal or Restricted vehicles with stock Forbidden mods use only the vehicle's listed availability code. This does not apply to Forbidden modifications (including Forbidden weapons in an otherwise legal mount) made in addition to stock modifications.

Upgrading Vehicle Mods

It is possible to upgrade vehicle modifications which have multiple ratings. To do so, characters must succeed on a standard Availability roll for the modification rating they are upgrading to, then pay both the price difference and difference in mod slots between the new and old modification. It’s also possible to downgrade a modification, though characters who do so won’t get anything back and still need to succeed at a standard Availability roll for the new device.

Vehicles which have integral modifications with multiple ratings may not upgrade these mods. Instead, you must remove the integral mod and replace it with the mod of a higher (or lower) rating paying the full amount of mod slots for the upgraded mod.

Delivery times are the same as buying a brand-new version of the new device.


This and GridGuide are considered to be two facets of the same system, much like the Smartgun system and the Smartlink. Vehicles using the Rigger 5 rules (vehicles from that book or using modifications from that book) come standard with GridLink at no additional cost, even if it is not listed in their entry, unless they are a throwback, a vehicle purchased with the "Genuine High-Quality Recertified Vehicles" power, or otherwise specifically lacking GridLink. Characters which have previously bought a GridLink system for a vehicle which has the system as standard equipment may refund the full purchase price of the modification.

GridLink can be overridden with Gridlink Override, Manual Override, or Rigger Interface modifications. It is a good idea to have at least one of these modifications if the owning character wants to avoid any situation where the vehicle might be remotely controlled by the authorities – such as a car chase or rolling firefight.

Ram Plates

The Ram Plate takes up 2 Weapon slots. It costs 250 nuyen per point of vehicle Body and has a 6R availability.

Body Modifications

Ejection Seats
Modification Type Slots Threshold Tools Skill Availability Cost
Ejection Seat Body Mod 1 10 Workshop - 8R 750¥

Parachutes are included in the price, if desired.

Nanomaintenance System

This modification allows characters to repair a vehicle between runs at no cost, like a garage, in addition to its RAW functionality.

Powertrain Modifications

Gyro Stabalization

The vehicle will automatically stay upright in most conditions and can be driven in VR - providing it has a secure seat. For vehicle tests that require balance, the driver receives a +2 dice pool bonus. This modification is only available for Motorcycles.

Modification Type Slots Threshold Tools Skill Availability Cost
Gyro Stabilization Powertrain Mod 1 1 Workshop - 8 Body x 1000¥
Secondary Propulsion

The Speed and Handling limits imposed by the Secondary Propulsion modification are altered by Control Rigs, Vehicle Empathy, and similar effects that alter limits on vehicle tests.

Weapon Modifications

Drone Racks

Drone Racks are immediately visible when installed, but without looking inside or performing a detailed scan, characters only know that the modification exists. Stored drones are considered inactive until removed or launched. Standard drone racks may be upgraded to landing racks of the same size by paying the difference in costs and rolling at the higher availability.

Manual Weapon Mounts

Manual and Armored Manual Weapon Mounts may be operated with the mounted weapon's normal skill in place of Gunnery.

Vehicle Weapon Mounts Capacities

Light Weapon Mounts can hold 100 rounds of ammo. Standard Weapon Mounts hold 250 rounds of ammo. Heavy Weapon Mounts can hold 500 rounds of ammo, Body missiles/rockets, and Body x 3 Grenades.

Electromagnetic Modifications

Pilot Enhancement

The description of this modification incorrectly states that Pilot programs can have a rating of 1 to 9, this should be 1 to 6.

Pilot programs may be upgraded after character creation to a higher rating by paying the difference in cost between the old and new ratings. The character must still succeed on a standard Availability roll as if they were purchasing the new Pilot rating outright, and installing the upgrade requires a [Logic + Mechanic (Type)] Extended Test with an interval of 1 hour and a threshold of 4.

Cosmetic Modifications

Metahuman Adjustment

This modification, and the penalty to all non-human metatypes introduced in its description, are not used on Runnerhub.


This modification is required for a character to live in a vehicle, per the Lifestyle rules.

Vehicle Repairs

The vehicle repair rules introduced in Rigger 5.0 (p.29) are not used on Runnerhub. Refer to the section on repairing gear instead.

Advanced Driving Rules

The Advanced Driving Rules introduced in Rigger 5.0 (p.173 - 182) can be used on Runnerhub, but are considered to be optional due to their complexity. GMs that intend to use them are encouraged to note that fact in their job postings, and players who intend to use them should ask permission from the GM first.

Vehicle Armor

Vehicle (and drone) Armor is not hardened armor; however, the DV of an attack (before soak) must be greater than or equal to the vehicle’s modified armor rating (after AP) to cause damage.

For example, a weapon with a damage code of 7P AP -2 gets 2 net hits, for a total of 9P AP -2, against a vehicle with 12 armor. The vehicle does not need to roll soak as the attack does not exceed the modified armor value of 10 (12-2); the attack simply didn't penetrate and dealt no damage. If the same attack had 3 net hits, the damage code would be 10P AP -2. The physical damage is equal to the vehicles modified Armor value of 10, and so the vehicle rolls soak which is [(Modified Armor) + Body].



Class Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
Car 4/3 6 3 12 11 1 2 4 10 76,000¥

Armor brings weight. Weight costs speed. Speed needs stronger engines. Engines bring weight. In their eternal search for the perfect mix of safety and speed, highway warriors and other criminal speeders have discovered the muscle car segment, which is shrinking in the age of gridlink and eco-conscious e-drive.

Massively built and massively processed, muscle cars such as the M8 are literally pushed forward by high-powered fuel engines - hybrid and electric motors are considered to be effeminate aberrations and unnecessary weight. Based on the BMW880, the M8 motorsport version offers a surprising amount of space for a sports car and enough room between and in front of the seats to store bags of equipment. This is one of the reasons why the M8 is a popular rogue car in the Trid and a preferred choice for all larger metahumans whose powersport dreams usually fail at the entry point of sleek race cars.”

Similar Models: Eurocar Mirage 3500, Ford Mustang Turbo

Standard Equipment: None

BMW X Infinity

Class Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
SUV(Truck) 5/5 4 2 14 14 2 4 6 10 72,000¥

With models such as the X One and the X Se7en, BMW has been offering a small but stable selling selection of SUVs for some time now. With the much bigger X Infinity, it seems that besides financially strong managers who are insecure about their penis size, those groups who use SUVs as real workhorses (i.e. security services, mercenaries and military personnel of all kinds) are now being targeted. The main competitor is the Ares Humvee, whose design and functionality has been copied more than just a little.

Similar Models: Ares Hummer H8, Citroen Aventurier 77

Standard Equipment: Off Road Suspension

BMW Teufelkatze

Changed Standard Equipment to: Anti-Theft System 3, Signature Masking 2, Special Equipment (FlashTech in Headlights and Taillights)

FlashTech functions as a Flash-pak with 10 charges per Headlight or Taillight.

Anti-Theft System functions as normal, but instead of an electric shock, sprays flame that does 10P (Fire), AP -6, and has 10 charges. Reloading costs 500¥.

Buell Spartan

An Automotive Mechanic Toolkit is included free with purchase.

Chrysler-Nissan Bobcat

Class Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
Van 3/3 3 2 15 10 1 2 8 - 25,000¥

Since Chrysler-Nissan was taken over by Sony, the vehicle division of the former car giant (Dodge, Jeep, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz) has been cut down quite a bit to free up production capacities for the rapidly increasing demand for drones. However, this has never prevented Chryler-Nissan from launching new models, which are usually based on earlier successful models of its own brand portfolio. A classic example of this is the Bobcat, which is a reinterpretation of Chrysler's earlier success, the Grand Voyager: an extremely flexible, convertible van concept aimed at soccer moms, carpools or literally "big" families, with a focus on affordable comfort and robust construction. Generous room layout, many discreetly placed storage compartments, multiple connections for consumer electronics or mini fridge and drone mounts integrated into the roof are valued standards of the model.

Similar models: Aztechnology Familia, Evo Capricorn

Standard equipment: Small Drone Rack (roof), Micro Drone Rack (roof)

Daihatsu-Caterpillar Horseman

Replace the “Enviro-Seal” standard equipment with Life Support Level 1.

Dodge Charger

Added regular patrol car variant with the following statline:

Class Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
Car 4/3 4 2 12 10 3 2 5 10R 42,000¥

Standard Equipment: Spotlight, Siren, Emergency Lightbar.

Dodge Hurricane

Class Model Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
Pick-up Truck Basic 4/4 4 2 15 12 1 2 3 - 37,000¥
  Crew 3/3 4 2 16 12 1 2 6 - 43,000¥
  Security 4/3 4 2 16 14 3 3 5 - 67,000¥

This successor to the Dodge Twister, and thus spiritual heir to the Dodge Ram, is a true pickup monster perfectly suited to both the road and wilderness conditions of the sixth world. The Hurricane line offers different pick-up versions for almost every need: small, relatively inexpensive two-door models, four-doors with extended cab, open flatbed or closed cab bodies, military versions for security services - the portfolio leaves nothing to be desired.

In Germany, Chrysler Nissan sells the same model under the name Mercedes-Benz Tornado. The design is practically identical, only the radiator is different and of course the star in the middle. Small design-upgrades, a higher quality interior, additional subwoofers for a more powerful True4D-HiFi-Sound and of course the name Mercedes are reflected in 20% higher prices for the Mercedes-Benz Tornado.”

Similar Models: Landrover Behemoth, Volkswagen TT60

Standard Equipment: Off-road Suspension, Amenities (Middle) (only Mercedes-Benz Tornado)

Game information: All models are available with open platform or closed cab body (+2k compared to the respective base price). The cab body provides armour protection for everything on the platform.

Dodge Minotaur

The Minotaur's availability is 16R

Dodge Rhino

Body reduced from 24 to 17, Armor increased from 14 to 18, Pilot reduced from 6 to 4, Sensors reduced from 7 to 4.

Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
4/4 4 2 17 18 4 4 9 18R 225,000¥

Added Anti-theft System 3, 4 Smoke Generators, Special Equipment (8 Flash-Paks) to Standard Equipment

Entertainment Systems Cyclops

Replace the Assembly Time Improvement mod with the Assembly/Disassembly mod

EVO Falcon-EX

Replace the Tracked Vehicle standard equipment with a Suncell.

Ford Broadcast

The built-in RCC cannot be upgraded.

GMC Armadillo

The GMC Armadillo comes standard with a a basic pickup truck bed. Any other bed the player wishes to purchase has the same cost, availability, and mod point cost of the mod it contains (A drone rack bed would have the cost of the drone rack, a rigger cocoon bed has the cost of a rigger cocoon, etc). Attaching a bed takes less than half an hour and requires no specialist tools; ejecting a bed takes one complex action.

Harley Davidson Nightmare

Improved Economy and Gyro-Stabilization come as standard equipment.

Horizon-Doble Revolution

Remove the Smart Tire standard equipment entirely. Instead choose from two options with their own statlines and included equipment when purchasing the vehicle.

Sidecar Option - Increased Seating Canopy Option - Passenger Protection System 2

Model Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
Sidecar 4/2 4 3 6 6 2 2 1 4 11,000¥
Canopy 5/3 4 3 6 8 2 2 1 4 12,000¥

i8 Interceptor

The i8 Interceptor has an availability of 16R.

Krime Wageslave PMV

The Krime Wageslave PMV does not come with Grid Guide standard. The driver of this vehicle must have a minimum Body + Strength score of 14, otherwise any Maneuver test to do anything other than to drive casually or parallel park has its threshold doubled.

Mercedes-Benz Citymog

Class Model Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
Truck Base 5/4 3 1 18 10 2 2 3 - 44,000¥
5/4 3 1 18 10 2 2 5 - 42,000¥
  CM Traveller
5/4 3 1 18 10 3 4 20 - 56,000¥
  CM Elite
(Luxury Minibus)
5/3 3 1 18 12 3 4 12 - 96,000¥

According to Mercedes-Benz, this light truck, which is sold in the UCAS under the name Dodge City, is "the perfect solution for all inner-city transport tasks". Powered by a hybrid engine with fuel cell and gridlink and equipped with a chassis that can cope with today's common road damage or the occasional absence of a road, the CityMog is available in a wide range of performance versions: As a minibus, a flatbed truck for building materials, a box van for shipping goods, even as a motor home or more or less bare chassis for assembly by outside companies for special tasks such as tree sawing.

Similar models: Dodge City, MAN Mikro Mobil

Standard equipment: Amenities (Middle) (CityMog Traveller), Amenities (High) (CityMog Elite)

Mercury Cruiser, Car

Class Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
Car 4/3 3 2 14 11 1 2 5 - 21,000¥

Just as the Mercury Oort was initially ridiculed as a design mistake the Mercury Cruiser, which was trimmed for the retro look of American muscle cars, has long since established itself on the market. The "American dimensions" of this cruiser also make a significant contribution to this - a feature that is brought to the extreme in the Cruiser model series: wide, bulky shapes, over 1 meter of additional length, a more powerful engine, plenty of space for families and, in contrast to the Oort, city-friendly sliding doors make the Mercury Comet Cruiser an increasingly normal sight even on German roads.

The 900¥ more expensive Cruiser-S (S for Scenic) variant with continuous skylight from front to rear and integrated video display function is particularly popular with families and long-distance drivers the kids in the back - or you drive on autopilot right away, combine the seats into a continuous sunbathing area and relax under the steplessly switchable opaque roof display.”

Similar models: Citroën L’Age d’Or, Mandarin 7

Standard equipment: None

Ruhrmetall Wolf

Added statlines for the five listed options in the English book:

Variant Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
Air Defense 3/3 3 2 24 12 2 2 6 20F 333,000¥
Ambulance 3/3 3 2 24 12 2 2 6/6 20F 335,500¥
Mobile Staff Command Post 3/3 3 2 24 12 2 2 6/8 20F 655,000¥
Light Tank 3/3 3 2 24 12 2 2 6/6 20F 338,000¥
Troop Transport 3/3 3 2 24 12 2 2 6/16 20F 337,500¥

Standard Equipment (All): Life Support Level 1, Run-Flat Tires

Standard Equipment (Air Defense): Heavy Weapon Mount (External, Turret, Remote)

Standard Equipment (Mobile Staff Command Post): Special Equipment (Level 2 Pi-Tac)

Standard Equipment (Ambulance): Medkit Rating 6, Valkyrie Module

Standard Equipment (Light Tank): 2x Heavy Weapon Mount (External, Flexible, Remote) - One Front Facing, One Rear Facing

Thundercloud Mustang

Off-Road Suspension and Off-Road Tires come as standard equipment. The statblock already include the effects of these mods.
“Amphibious Operation” Standard Equipment should be read as Secondary Propulsion (Amphibious, Surface)

Volkswagen Multicity

Class Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
Van 3/2 4 1 12 4 1 1 3 - 18,000¥

What the MultiCity lacks in terms of safety and speed, it makes up for with inconspicuousness: this Multivan has been marketed by VW for several decades - it is available in countless variants and is so inexpensive even when new that small and medium-sized companies are only too happy to fall back on this all-rounder. A look in every used car forum is enough to find a suitable MultiCity in every Plex of the ADL within hours, or even from 19% of the new price if recognizable defects and mileage beyond 200000 don’t matter.

Similar models: Eurocat Blitz 3, Fiat "Vivi" Versatile Van

Volkswagen Urban Allrounder

Class Model Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
RV Urban Explorer 3/3 3 1 13 6 2 2 4 - 28,000¥
  Urban Transporter 3/3 3 1 13 6 2 2 2 - 19,500¥
  Urban Traveller 3/3 3 1 13 6 2 2 9 - 29,500¥
  Urban Watcher 3/3 3 1 13 10 2 2 4 12R 65,000¥

The resounding success of VW's leading motorhome "Urban Explorer" has led to the creation of an entire flotilla of van variations based on the Explorer design, which is now marketed under the name "Urban Allrounder": There is of course still the Urban Explorer Motorhome, but also the Urban Traveller Minibus, the Urban Transporter Delivery Vehicle or exotics like the Urban Watcher, a drone carrier designed for police use, which can be parked near riots or events and acts as a control center for the rigger or simply as a gas station and radio control for four MCT-Nissan Roto-Drones starting from the vehicle.”

Similar models: Chrysler-Nissan Brumby, Toyota Omni

Standard equipment (Urban Explorer): Amenities (Middle), SunCell
Standard equipment (Urban Transporter): None
Standard equipment (Urban Traveller) : None
Standard Equipment (Urban Watcher): 4x Landing Drone Rack (Medium), Retrans Unit

Yamaha Kaburaya

Acceleration is 4. Cost is ¥8,500


Characters who wish to own a watercraft must maintain a Low or better lifestyle to reflect the cost of maintaining and storing the craft.

Aztechnology Profit

The Aztechnology Profit (pg 143 CT) costs ¥530,000.

Krime Barco De Pesca

The Krime Barco De Pesca has Speed 4


Characters who wish to own an aircraft must maintain a Medium or better lifestyle to reflect the cost of maintaining and storing the craft.

Avibras Nissan AN 822

The missing acceleration of this aircraft is 3

Cargolifter Industries CL-180

Class Handl Speed Accel Body Arm Pilot Sens Seats Avail Cost
Cargo Airship 4 2 2 12 12 4 4 4 12 82,000¥

A Zeppelin from a new company, Cargolifter, this vehicle is capable of carrying up to 180 tonnes, can move (relatively) quickly, and features a crane which can load cargo from a height of up to 100 meters as well as assist in construction.

Standard Equipment: Solar cells, Specialized equipment (Loading crane, Construction crane)

Cataline II

Replace Standard Equipment with:
Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) 3, Improved Economy, Heavy Weapon Mount (External, Fixed, Remote) on Nose, one Heavy Weapon Mount (External, Flexible, Remote) on the right and left waist, one heavy weapon holder (External, Fixed, Remote) below the wings

Catalina PBY

The turrets on this plane are External/Remote/Flexible. One is located on the nose facing forward, and the remaining two are located at the waist pointing outward.

Official Emergency Vehicles

The official emergency vehicles with increased stats, listed on Stolen Souls p187, are not available for purchase by player characters. The following vehicles have a banned variant:

  • Ares Roadmaster
  • Chrysler-Nissan Journey
  • Conestoga Trailblazer
  • Dodge Ram Industrial
  • Espirit Ind. Watcher
  • GMC Endurance
  • GMC Sidewinder
  • Honda Artemis
  • S-K LT-21

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