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Rules / Rigging

Rigging and Driving

Avoiding Attacks

Drivers use Intuition + Reaction (or, optionally, Intuition * 2 in VR) to avoid attacks, not Reaction + Vehicle skill. Full Defense allows them to add their choice of Reaction or Intuition again (CRB205, Attacks Against Vehicles, Evasive Driving). Qualities which allow substituting other things for Full Defense do not apply.

Control Rigs (and their Booster nanites) do not apply their rating as a bonus to defense tests.

Drones avoid attacks with Pilot * 2, or Pilot + Maneuvering autosoft at GM discretion, and follow the same rules as other characters (CRB270) except for their Armor functioning the same as vehicle armor.

VR Attributes

Riggers may choose between REA or INT when in VR and rolling a test for a skill linked to REA in meatspace. Gunnery is linked to AGI but instead uses LOG in VR.

Rigger Command Console

Upgrading RCCs

See the related section in the Gear Rules.

Cyberprograms on RCCs

RCCs are able to run any cyberprogram, but they must be purchased separately from programs for Cyberdecks. Treat RCCs as commlinks for the purpose of Datajack Plus, Commlink Dongles, and similar add-ons.

RCCs can run a total of (Device Rating) programs - this can only be used for RCC cyberprograms, not autosofts. Cyberprograms cannot be shared.

RCCs have Sharing / Noise Reduction rating equal to DR. Sharing is for Autosofts or Autosoft-like programs only

Remember, if a drone is running any of its own autosofts (but NOT cyberpgroagrams), it cannot benefit from the RCC’s autosofts.

Control Rigs

The benefits of multiple control rigs do not stack, including Technomancer Echoes which grant the effects of a control rig. Control Rigs provide a bonus to all vehicle limits but do not increase vehicle stats directly, e.g. the limit imposed on Pilot checks in a Speed-based environment is increased by the rating of the pilot’s Control Rig, but the Speed rating is not increased for the purpose of calculating long-distance travel time.

Defining Vehicle Actions While Jumped In

A Vehicle Action is any action that uses the pilot's driving attribute in place of the normal linked attribute while piloting a vehicle, in addition to any explicitly listed Vehicle Actions. This includes Piloting tests, Vehicle Sneaking, Vehicle Etiquette, and similar.

Electronic Warfare Actions

Target Device

This action must be executed using an RCC, using that RCC’s stats, and only provides a bonus to devices slaved to the same RCC. The maximum bonus that can be gained through this action is equal to the recipient’s rank in the used weapon skill, or the rating of the targeting autosoft for drones.


A swarm must include at least two drones in order for the Swarm program to work and apply its benefits.

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