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Becoming a GM

In Shadowrun, the Game Master (GM) is responsible for many things. They are equal parts storyteller, actor, arbitrator, and encouraging presence. A great GM makes the world of Shadowrun come alive in the minds of the players.

Currently, players outnumber GMs by a large number on the Hub. Because of this, players who have an interest in becoming GM are strongly encouraged to apply using the application process below, regardless of experience level.

To Apply for GM Status

Submit an Application

The first step is to send our Thematics Division (TD) an application via modmail. You should include your intent to GM, any previous experience GM, your familiarity with Shadowrun, a few details about yourself, and a link to one run proposal you think would be a good addition to RunnerHub. Google document or other online file storage is our preferred method of sharing run propositions.

For your run proposal, please refer to the Run Proposal Template. If you don't have any experience, that's okay! Many GMs on Hub had no prior experience before coming to the Hub and got their start here. If you are unsure as to what to include in your Run Proposal please refer to the How to Build a Run Prop Document, which should provide you guidance.

Interview for the Position

Finally, a member of Thematics Division will contact you for a brief interview. The purpose of this interview is so that they can learn about you as a GM, how you see the world, why you want to GM, and what types of runs you would want to do, among other things. As a side note, not having all the sourcebooks does not disqualify you from being a GM. Many interesting and fun runs can be created working off of the core rules alone.

The interviewers will also check if you have any skills related to virtual tabletop gaming, such as streaming or recording game sessions, and uploading them online.These skills are considered a bonus. Having them does not mean you will be automatically accepted, while lacking them does not mean you will be automatically denied.

Thematics Division will contact you either via Reddit mail or Discord message informing you of whether you have been approved to be a probational GM or not. As we are a completely volunteer staff, we cannot guarantee any time frame for TD to contact you within, but the results of GM interviews are usually available within several days.

Host An Approved Run

All newly approved probational GMs must submit a run proposal on our private GM subreddit, /r/Shadowsea, for their first run on the Hub. Once your proposal isapproved by a member of TD, you may post the run onto /r/Runnerhub for the public.

After the probation run's AAR is completed, one is no longer considered a probational GM and may forgo the posting of run proposals for one’s upcoming runs. However, many GMs continue to provide proposals either for assistance or to ensure that their runs are up to the thematic standards provided by our Thematics Division.

GM Responsibilities

There are several responsibilities that come with being a GM. First, each GM must fill out an AAR after every run they GM (including solo runs). An AAR should give a summary of the events that happened, as well as the consequences, positive or negative, given as a result of the run. If you feel lost on how to structure an AAR, there is a sample template available. If you are unsure of what the consequences of a run should be, it is perfectly normal and encouraged to reach out to Thematics Division to discuss the consequences for runners to ensure that the consequences given are appropriate to the events of the run.

All GMs, regardless of number of runs, must submit a proposal if the run in question is a metaplot run. These types of proposals will be reviewed by Thematics Division (TD), which has control over the metaplot.

After running one group run, GMs are allowed to run solo runs. Solo runs follow the same Proposal and AAR requirements as regular runs but do not count for the 3 required run proposals to complete being a probationary GM. GMs may also use the Monthly Solo Megathread on /r/Runnerhub to advertise they are offering solos and what requirements they have for them. A link to the current Monthly Solo Megathread can be found in the stickied Monthly Megapost. There are some restrictions regarding solo runs that GMs need to follow, which can be found on the Monthly Solo Megathread on /r/Runnerhub.


In addition to the satisfaction of putting together a game session that people enjoy, GMs receive compensation in the form of General Merit Points (GMP). This is to compensate GMs for the time and effort they spent putting together and running shadowruns, as well as to allow them a method to continue to advance their characters while GMing. A full explanation for what GMP is and how it is awarded and spent can be found here.

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